December 31, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Kull the Hate Witch #2

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Written by: Billy
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Kull The Hate Witch #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Gabriel Guzman
Cover: Tom Fleming

After last issue’s bloody assault by Heka-La, the witch, and Kull’s subsequent actions to find and kill her inside his kingdom were unsuccessful, Kull then followed her to Atlantis. Now, if you know anything about Kull, you should definitely know that he was exiled from Atlantis for the killing of a woman, so this return trip isn’t exactly gonna go well.

Kull eventually reaches Atlantis, and is met by some villagers that don’t roll out the red carpet. Well, they kind of hiss at him to be honest, but that doesn’t deter the barbarian king. He then meets a young woman that tells him that she will help him find the witch in return for his help gaining safe passage to a neighboring village. At first, Kull tells her to get lost, but when he’s attacked by a former friend, and the girl reveals it’s the work of the witch, he lets her hang with him for a while. Later, he makes his way through a forest and remembers meeting the witch for the first time. He then stumbles upon another former friend who was rendered blind for helping Kull escape years ago. We’ll have to wait until next issue to see if Kull can either battle or talk his way out of this one.

I’ve got to say that David Lapham is doing a fantastic job with this story, and the artwork by Guzman is great as well. I can’t wait for the next issue¬†of this series to see more action and magical mayhem from Dark Horse!

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Billy Dunleavy


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