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October 11, 2009

Gotta Have It! Statue edition: Dagger Comiquette

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Concept art

Concept art

Tandy Bowen was a sixteen-year-old who was neglected by her mother and felt distanced from her new stepfather. She ran away from home to New York City, and once there, she met Tyrone Johnson, a fellow runaway. The two teens became fast friends, and when the naïve Tandy accepted an offer of shelter from some strange men, a wary Tyrone went along to protect her. Soon, they were forcibly delivered to criminal chemist Simon Marshall. Marshall was developing a new synthetic heroin for the Maggia, testing it on runaway teens with fatal results. Johnson and Bowen were able to escape, though not before they were injected with Marshall’s drug, which awakened latent mutant abilities in both of them. Tyrone found himself compelled to drain the life-force of others by enveloping them in the darkness of his cloak, while Tandy gained the ability to project light in the form of energy daggers, which she used to subdue Tyrone’s darkness. The two decided to use their powers to protect the streets from men like Marshall, and became known as Cloak and Dagger.

Sideshow Collectables, Marvel Comics, and Mark Brooks are proud to present the latest from the Marvel Comiquette line, Dagger. Cast in high-quality polystone, this sculpture is taken directly from the concepts and designs of acclaimed comic artist Mark Brooks. Brooks’ unique style and talent have made him a critical and fan favorite. Hand-painted and hand-finished to exact standards, the Cloak and Dagger comiquette is created here in breathtakingly stunning detail, a perfect addition to any Marvel display. -Sideshow Box.

Manufacturer: Sideshow CollectiblesBox
Released: October 2009
Retail Price: $174.99
Edition size: 1000 for this regular version. There is a limited edition that comes with the artwork which only has 500 pieces.
Packaging: This box is HUGE! (Measuring 26 inches high, 12 inches wide.) On the front, we get a close up of Tandy’s pretty face with the concept art under her right arm. The side panels are identical with the front and back, and Cloak is peeking out around her legs. The back has the full statue with the bio that started this article in the upper right corner of the box. In the lower left corner is the concept art.

Assembly: Take her out of the box, place her on the base, and hook in her necklace. I had a bit of a struggle getting her fingers to grasp the cloak, but nothing too bad.


The statue: First things first; unlike the description and concept art on the box, the only Cloak you’ll see is his cape. Some might be disappointed by this, but this is suppose to be a line that joins with Adam Hughes’s comiquettes, all of which focus on the females. What Mark Brooks does that is different is give a hint of the male counterpart in the comiquette while keeping the focus on the female. With Dagger, it’s having her holding Cloak’s… cloak. With the next Comiquette, Scarlet Witch, it’s her controlling a tiny Vision robot. Now, with that out of the way, Tandy is beautiful. Flowing long blond hair gives the impression of motion as she rises up from the darkness of the cloak. Her gold necklace, actually painted gold and not yellow, is up in the air as well, adding to that floating impression. The paint job is flawless on mine; from the squiggle in Cloak’s cloak to Tandy’s pink painted fingernails, nothing is bleeding. She fits nicely into the base, but her fingers don’t quite line up with the edges of the cloak and take a bit of movement. Be careful when you attempt this and do it gently. By far, this is the best Dagger statue out there. She’s 17 inches tall and weighs in at 10 pounds with the base.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5. The only quirk I have was getting her to hold the edges of the cloak. Other than that, pure perfection, which is the standard of Sideshow.

Upcoming releases: From Mark Brooks – Scarlet Witch; from Adam Hughes – She-Hulk and Mystique


Dee McNamara



  1. Kelly

    Nice review, Dee! She is really cute (and super heavy!) I didn’t realize you had a hard time getting Dagger’s hands around the cloak. Looks good.

  2. Kristin

    These are amazing looking statues. But…do their boobs really need to be that big? Lol…I mean, geez.

    And while I understand that they want to focus on the girls…it is kind of odd to have Cloak’s cloak there, but no Cloak.

  3. Dee, excellent review! This statue is gorgeous! And She-Hulk is a ho.

    @ Kristin: Yes, the boobs really need to be that big!

  4. Infinite Speech

    Great review of this one…i was actually thinking of getting it if Cloak was part of the statue as well but

    lol @ Andy and Kristin they have to accentuate her sexuality for the target audience…which seems to be Andy lol

    She Hulk looks like she couldn’t find anything that fit before she went to work…lol

  5. Kristin

    Dude, when Jen She-Hulks up, she gains at least two cup sizes.

  6. Dee

    Kristin, It’ss a way to distract men! She’s like “Rawwr!”,turns in to She-hulk, and bad guys are so distracted, it’s an easy win. Men can’t resist the power of the cleavage…. unless they don’t like women. *shrugs*

  7. Kristin

    Lol, that’s hilarious. 🙂 But true!

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