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December 25, 2010

Gotta Have It…Next Year!

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Written by: Melissa
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Merry Christmas!

As the year comes to an end, we could stop and reflect back on all the wonderful toys and figures 2010 has brought us. That would probably take us awhile. Instead, let’s get excited for something else: What new figures and toys we have to look forward to in 2011! Below is a list of twenty of the AWESOMEST new toys I’m most excited about. Warning: Some may break the bank.

1. Wonder Woman Bishoujo Statue

Wonder Woman and Bishoujo. Yes, please.

June 2011/$50.99

More Information.

2. Doctor Who Christmas Adventure Action Figure Set

Oh, those infamous Doctor Who Christmas episodes. Another classic captured forever in this charming figure set.

January 2011/$49.99

More Information.

3. Green Lantern and Sinestro Movie Mez Its Figure Set

If you collect vinyl figures, you can’t miss out on these cute Mez Its inspired by the upcoming movie.

May 2011/$24.00

More Information.

4. Star Wars Wicket the Ewok Mini Bust

Precious. Adorable. It’s an Ewok!

July 2011/$53.99

More Information.

5. Mass Effect 2 Series 1 Action Figure Set

I’ve been waiting on these for awhile. Whether you’re a fan of the comic/video game or not, you have to admit these look pretty damn cool.

January 2011/$72.99 for the set

More Information.

6. X-Men Gambit Marvel Select Action Figure

A Gambit action figure with incredible likeness and exciting details. I’ll take two, ma cherie!

May 2011/$19.99

More Information.

7. Superman vs. Muhammed Ali Statue

FINISH HIM! How can you not want this?

January 2011/$209.99

More Information.

8. Scott Pilgrim Action Figure Set

Not one but TWO Scott Pilgrims to help banish all your evil exes.

May 2011/$23.99

More Information.

9. Harry Potter Pet Plush Set

Aw! You can squish them and love them and HEY. Isn’t that Scabbers? No, I don’t want him.

January 2011/$42.99 for the set

More Information.

10. Ame Comi Big Barda

Ow! Ow! Big Barda like you’ve never seen her before. Prepare to wipe the drool off of all your Mister Miracle figures.

August 2011/$70.00

More Information.

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike Animated Maquette

What’s a Buffy maquette collection missing? Spike. In all his glory.

January 2011/$129.99

More Information.

12. Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun Vinyl Figure

More Stormtroopers? Hey, but this one is different: It combines vintage Star Wars with Japanese robots! How rad is that?

January 2011/$259.99

More Information.

13. DC Universe Retro Action Martian Manhunter Action Figure

I’m a big fan of all the retro figures DC is releasing next year, this being one of my favorites.

March 2011/$20.99

More Information.

14. Marvel Emma Frost Ame Comi Bishoujo Statue

Are words really necessary to convey the hotness?

January 2011/$59.99

More Information.

15. Batman Black and White Lee Bermejo Joker Statue

I’m a Batman black and white statue collector, so this is a complete necessity. Look at those wrinkles in the jacket!

March 2011/$72.99

More Information.

16. Ame Comi Joker Duela Dent Statue

To my knowledge, I’ve never seen a Duela Dent figure or statue. This was one of the best things I saw at last year’s comic con. Future cosplay?

March 2011/$59.99

More Information.

17. God of War Series 1 Kratos Figure

The mighty Kratos, shelf-sized!

February 2011/$18.99

More Information.

18. Fables Bigby Wolf Bust

Both Bigby and Snow White are being released as busts for next year. Personally, I think Bigby’s is infinitely more interesting and a definite contender for a solid spot on my Bust Shelf.

January 2011/$52.99

More Information.

19. Deadpool Danger Room Sessions Fine Art Statue

He’s shiny! And comes with a…box thingie!

February 2011/$159.99

More Information.

20. Women of the DC Universe Series 3 Star Sapphire Bust

Ah, the classic Star Sapphire costume. Classy, cute, and gorgeous without having to bare all her assets. Not that I mind, but this costume is tres chic!

March 2011/$54.99

More Information.

What are your top picks? What else are you excited about for 2011?

Melissa Kay



  1. The statue’s sculpter/designer Paul Harding showed off the Bigby bust at the Albany Con a few months back and looks GREAT up close! That Joker statue is pretty damn sweet as well and it looks like there’s a few others on this list that I might have to add to my shelves!

  2. wow there are too many things on this page that i want.

  3. Billy

    Wonder Woman & The Joker are the two that caught my eyes. 😀

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  5. Not gonna lie, that Gambit is pretty f’n hot.

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