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December 22, 2010

BOOM! Studios Reviews: The Traveler #2

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Written by: mike
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Mark Waid and Chad Hardin continue their story about a man who seems to be able to control everything but his own destiny!

The Traveler #2

The Traveler #2 by Chad Hardin

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chad Hardin
Colors: Blond

I had nothing but good things to say about The Traveler #1, and the praise only continues! Stan Lee, dubbed “Grand Poobah” on the interior cover, heads the team of Mark Waid and Chad Hardin as they continue to tell the tale of our mysterious hero.

This issue picks up right where issue #1 left off. The Traveler shows a bit more of what his power set is by explaining that he can see various outcomes for a person, which he does throughout the issue. Although it is a mystery as to who exactly our hero is, we are given a bit more insight into what “might” be his origin. Martin-Colding Labs is exploring some unified field research, sciences which are similar to the powers of the Split-Second Men, and The Traveler. We are also introduced to the last of the Split-Second Men, Mortar. He is the most powerful of the “SSM” and most feared by our hero. After a beautifully choreographed battle, Mortar gets the upper-hand on The Traveler, and readers are left wondering if he will survive!

I have to say, before The Traveler I wasn’t too familiar with Chad Hardin’s work. However, after having seen his stuff, I am really digging it. He has a great hold on drawing the hero, which is always a must. His Traveler really moves and his powers look great. His rendition of Stan Lee was pretty good as well. The fight scenes he drew were pretty fun, too. I only have two gripes with his work in this issue. Mortar, the villain, looked out of proportion. I understand he is supposed to be a big, chunky bad-guy, but he just looked like a fat dude trying to be evil. The other thing was Dr. Colding at times looked various ages. I assume he is supposed to be a bit older, but at times he looked really young. Those are just two small things, when the rest of the work was just amazing. Blond’s colors really work well with Hardin’s pencils, and I’m sure over time whatever little kinks Hardin has will work themselves out.

The Traveler #2 by Scott Clark

Mark Waid is a great storyteller. His story includes some mystery, character development, and superheroics. Only two issues deep, and I am very intrigued with the story behind the blue-clad hero, and the Split-Second Men. I really want to know what the relationship between The Traveler and Martin-Colding Labs is, and this is all due to Waid’s genius storytelling. He writes in a very simple way, one that you feel almost anyone can do. But when you really start to think about it, it is just the genius that is Waid. The flow of the comic is smooth, and it pulls you in almost immediately. There is very little “downtime” while reading. You know when sometimes you read a comic and there are those few panels where you are like, “Oh, the characters are doing nothing, and these panels didn’t really need to be there”? Well Waid manages to have those panels, except that they are very important details to figuring out who the character is, very defining moments.

I know that it is really early, but I have this small gut feeling that this might be my new favorite comic coming from BOOM! Studios. Starborn and Soldier Zero are REALLY solid books, but I can’t help looking forward to The Traveler the most. This is strange considering I prefer more cosmic reads, but when a story is good, it is just good. I love BOOM!’s new line of books, and The Traveler is a must read if you are thinking of getting into any of those great new titles.

Mike Parente



  1. Yeah, this series isn’t bad. Starborn is my favorite so far, and the last issue of Soldier Zero really got interesting.

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