December 19, 2010

Red 5 Reviews: Atomic Robo: The Deadly Art of Science #2

Atomic Robo: The Deadly Art Of Science #2
Brian Clevinger
Artist: Scott Wegener
Publisher: Red 5 Comics

For those keeping score at home, Atomic Robo: The Deadly Art Of Science, is volume 5 in the ever growing Atomic Robo Universe, and it is shaping up to be the most carefree volume of just pure reading enjoyment. Brian Clevinger (creator/writer) and Scott Wegener (creator/artist) are again delivering a wonderful story that this time takes us back to Atomic Robo’s youth; as readers see Robo’s journey towards becoming the Action Scientist he is destined to be.

In the first issue of The Deadly Art Of Science we were introduced to Helen and Donovan McCallister, a father/daughter crime fighting team, in which Donavan operates under the name of Jack Tarot as he fights the Chicago underground. In this second issue, after much prodding by Helen, Atomic Robo finds in Donavan his first mentor. Robo falls into the role of teenage side kick, attempting to balance his studies under the guidance of Tesla, as well as his work as Tesla’s research partner, while simultaneously learning the hero ropes on the side from Donavan.

Long time readers will find the trademark Atomic Robo wit is in high gear, and as this is one part crime fighting story and one part “origin” story readers, are also treated to seeing the origins of the discovery of the Vampire dimension.

Donovan finds in Robo an over eager partner that, in his opinion, would do well to learn that real life is not like the comics and scientific magazines that Robo reads for entertainment. Even though Robo insists that it kind of, sort of, is for him. He has, after all, fought monsters in space, and just that afternoon beat off a vampire (or twenty) from an alternate dimension.

As the second issue draws to a close Robo, who at this point is beginning to drive Donavan nutty with his constant banter, finally gets his shot at going out into the field with Donavan; only to come face to face with a Robot whose design screams of being a creation of Tesla’s greatest adversary (and some one that Atomic Robo has on several occasions already completely ticked off), Thomas Edison!

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Jason Fenix



  1. I was told I need to check this title out because it’s well written and looks good. After reading this, it looks like I’m adding another title on my “to get” list 🙂

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