January 4, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/29/10

27 #2 (Image)
NickI: I love the concept, about rock stars dying when they turn 27. But the sci-fi elements, I’m not keen on.

Action Comics #896 (DC)
NickZ: Villain vs. Villain can be so much more fun but having the story continue in another comic title is no fun at all.
NickI: My favorite non-Grant Morrison DC book. More of the same, and this time, with more Secret Six.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: What a super fun time travel story, I was just let down by the reveal of the villain at the end.
NickI: The direction of this book is weird and awesome. The reveal of the main baddie made my 90s X-Men loving self happy.
Jeff: XXXX? Really? It actually explains the whackiness of this story.

Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: It only took four issues for me to finally get use to the strange character art.
Jeff: Wolverine took out a Fury? Holy cow, I thought that was impossible!

Avengers #8 (Marvel)
NickI: Is it messed up that my favorite parts are when the Red Hulk is getting his ass kicked by the Hood?

Batman The Dark Knight #1 (DC)
NickZ: Awesome first issue! It kinda reminded me of Hush.
NickI: David Finch doing Batman. This makes sense. I don’t even need to know what the story is, really.
Arnab: Not a bad start. The art was very strong, while the story could use a little help.

Bulletproof Coffin #6 (Image)
NickI: Is it messed up that I smiled when comic book version Richard Starkings gets killed? Best comic series of the year.

Captain America #613 (Marvel)
NickI: I don’t know how Bucky Cap is getting out of this, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. That’s good writing, right there.

Carnage #2 (Marvel)
Andy: That was bloody amazing. Clayton Crain’s art is perfect for this series, and Zeb Wells writes some spine tingling scenes.

Chaos War: X-Men #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Chris Claremont’s return to the 616 Universe may be the best single issue he’s written in the new Millennium. Solid art, too. But where’s Nightcrawler?
NickZ: How many “bring people back from the dead” events can there be? And where is Jean Grey? WHERE?

Daken Dark Wolverine #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: OK Johnny and Daken need to just kiss and get it over with already! Enough with this will they, won’t they crap. They’re not Ross and Rachel.
NickI: I know Way set up the whole FF/Daken relationship in the previous series, but it’s still weird seeing them interact.
Andy: Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu have finally given Daken some focus. Can’t wait to see him cut loose in Madripoor, and then later against Bucky.

Deadpool Corps #9 (Marvel)
NickZ: Of the million Deadpool books out there, this one is the worst. Deadpool in space….it just doesn’t work.

Deadpool Team-Up #886 (Marvel)
NickZ: This issue actually had me laughing out loud a few times. Also it had Iron Fist so that’s a plus.

Detective Comics #872 (DC)
NickZ: A very dark and twisted story, I like where this book is going.
NickI: Finally got to read the first two Snyder issues, and this book is really, really good. I hope he has a long run on this title.
Aron: You want an issue with a doozie of a cliffhanger? Scott Snyder put TWO in this one!
Arnab: Scott Snyder manipulates the dark and gritty world of Gotham and combines it with a touch of history and a dash of mystery.
Andy: If Scott Snyder and Jock keep this up, their run on Detective could rival Morrison’s on Batman and Robin.

Echoes #1 (Top Cow/Image/Minotaur Press)
NickI: If you loved Tumor, you’ll love this book. Fialkov is all about what happens when you lose your mind. The art is good, too.

Gotham City Sirens #18 (DC)
NickZ: “evael anileS enola!” That is for Zatana and all those other jealous biotches.
Arnab: Zatanna makes some very questionable decisions as she is easily manipulated by Talia.

Green Arrow #7 (DC)
Arnab: An excellent issue adding depth to an already complex character.

Green Lantern #61 (DC)
NickI: An Atrocitus storyline. Great fight between the Spectre, Atrocitus, and the Butcher. Mahnke art helps.
Arnab: Atrocitus and the Butcher take the spotlight in this issue, as Hal Jordan takes the issue off.

Hulk #28 (Marvel)
Andy: Finally, Ross finds some comraderie with someone, and I like that it’s with Rick. This was an awesome monster filled issue, with a promising back-up story starring The Watcher!

Jack of Fables #49 (Vertigo)
NickI: Everything comes together for the big finale next issue. I don’t get why people don’t like this book. Are they just anti-fun side of Fables?

JLA/The 99 #3 (DC)
NickZ: Wow everyone is in this series, and it looks like Batman is going to have to save them all….AGAIN!

Nemesis #4 (Icon/Marvel)
Jeff: Nothing is what it seems, and it’s all psychopathic!

New Mutants #20 (Marvel)
NickZ: AWW CRAP! Things are getting crazy and what about Moonstar and that bow and arrow foot action!
Jeff: You will respect Dani Moonstar, and if you don’t, she’ll shoot an arrow at you with her foot!

Osborn #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Kelly Sue DeConnick- where did you come from? She is spinning a deceptively juicy story here, and I love her characterization of Norah Winters.

Scalped #44 (Vertigo)
NickI: Nitz is such a lucky bastard.
Andy: A great look into the mind of twisted FBI Agent with a vendetta, Baylis Nitz. Ooooh boy. The stuff’s about to explode all over the fan real soon…

Secret Warriors #23 (Marvel)
NickI: Ah, so the fat kid didn’t get kicked to the curb, after all. With Phobos gone, they def. need him to be the heavy hitter.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (Marvel)
NickI: Okay, I say this every issue: This is the Best Marvel Book in the Stands. Don’t wait for the trade, this is groundbreaking stuff.
Andy: For the first time in 2011, my mind has been blown.

Spider-Girl #2 (Marvel)
Andy: That got pretty dramatic really quickly. I was hoping for a more “Batgirl” tone with this series, but it doesn’t seem to be headed that way.

Superman/Batman #79 (DC)
NickZ: This book has been having these really offbeat stories lately, but I really dig them.

Teen Titans #90 (DC)
Arnab: The pairing up of Ravager and Robin bring an exciting energy to this ragtag group of heroes.

Terry Moore’s Echo #27 (Abstract Studios)
NickI: Dillon finally scores, what a lucky guy – unless the same thing that’s happening to Ivy ends up happening to him.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #5 (Marvel)
NickI: Man, Millar really likes to mess with you, spending pages building up fake Thor guy and killing him off like nothing.

Ultimate Comics Thor #3 (Marvel)
NickI: What??? 3 Hickman books in one week? That’s a good holiday gift. Some really cool Thor origin moments in this issue.

What If? #200 (Marvel)
Andy: Dave Wilkins art is fucking phenomenal here. A most excellent conclusion to this most recent installment of What If?. Every Marvel fan will love it.

X-23 #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: I like the idea of Gambit and X-23 out on their own adventure together.
Andy: Love the art in this book. The addition of Gambit to the cast will only make this title stronger.

X-Men Forever 2 #14 (Marvel)
Andy: Something weird must have happened to me over New Years, but I actually kind of liked this issue.

X-Men To Serve and Protect #2 (Marvel)
NickZ: Yost totally saves this book with “X-Dudes!”. All the other stories seemed too forced.
Jeff: Lots of bleh in this book. The Anole/Rockslide story is pretty great, though.
Andy: I liked it. The best story was easily the one starring Rockslide and Anole. I miss the New X-Men…

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  1. I didn’t get any of my books last week! I was really looking forward to Echoes! 🙁

  2. Best line in Nemesis #4: “Holy $#*%. I’m covered in old person.” LMAO!

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