December 21, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/15/2010

Amazing Spider-Man #650 (Marvel)
Andy: Dan Slott, thank you for making me a fan of this title. You too, Ramos, with the assist.
Jeff: Phil Urich as Hobgoblin is just plain awesome. No demon, no mercenary, just plain ol’Goblin-crazy!
NickI: So I hope the angle is Spidey changes up his suit depending on the villain. That would be pretty cool.

Avengers Academy #7 (Marvel)
Andy: “For the record, though, Janet and I agreed not to have children. Given the dangers of our line of work. And my…mental issues.” -Hank Pym LOL!
NickI: The Hank Pym issue, which connects heavily with the last Mighty Avengers run. I say no more WasPym.

Batman #705 (DC)
Andy: Props to you Tony Daniel for upping your game in this one on both the art and the story. Great reveal at the end too, although I did like the direction where that character was headed…
Arnab: With a few guest appearances Tony Daniel continues to impress handling both the writing and the art.
NickZ: So are all of the Batman villains getting a junior version now? Enigma? Really?

Batman and Robin #18 (DC)
A nice straightforward interlude featuring a creepy new villainess, Absence.
Infinite Speech: The only Morrison title I liked and I think I want him back on it. Pronto.
NickZ: This takes psychotic ex-girlfriend to a whole new level.

Batman Orphans #2 (DC)
The disappearing orphans continue to create chaos and destruction in the conclusion to this two part series.
NickZ: I really liked this book. The story was cool and the art was awesome.

Birds of Prey #7 (DC)
Andy: I like the carefree scenes with the Birds, and the art is the best its been since Benes left…but The Calculator? Again!? Ugh, I thought we saw the last of him…
Arnab: Oracle is on a mission to kill Oracle, how awesome is that?
NickZ: Seems like a Barbara is about to evolve to the next level. I can’t wait to see what it is.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513 (Marvel)
Andy: It has some holes, sure, but overall the price is right and I think Liss has potential to make this book great.
Infinite Speech: Liss and Francavella have what it takes to put T’Challa back on the road to greatness!
NickI: I’m glad Daredevil had a chat with BP before he took over the Kitchen. I like the set-up, so far. The Vlad villain is a little weak, though.

Brightest Day #16 (DC)
Why is it that whenever a new hero pops up he has to fight a good guy?
Arnab: Aqualad learns the truth about his existence while Firestorm may have destroyed the Universe.
Nick Z: Aquaman’s story was pretty good, but the Firestorm story was way better and what an ending!

The Boys: Highland Laddie #5 (Dynamite)
: Ennis is handling the Annie/Hughie situation quite nicely. I really hope they both beat some ass team-up style in the next issue.

Chaos War #4 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s not very often you see Galactus get his ass kicked.
NickI: I love the parts when they go into the various mythologies. And once again, Cho is bad ass. Even Galactus knows.

Deadpool MAX #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Yeah, anyone who thinks Disney is going to make Marvel more “PG” needs to have this issue shoved in their face. David Lapham has balls of steel and I’m loving it!
NickI: By far the most outrageous book in the stands – in the best way possible.
NickZ: This book is just strange. Deadpool was barely in this issue and yet It was still interesting.

Doc Macabre #1 (IDW)
Aron: Fun! Funny! Like a cross between Ghost Busters and The Frighteners!

G.I. Joe Cobra #11 (IDW)
Andy: Yep, this is hands down the best Joe book on the shelves right now. It’s dark, with a touch of realism. Plus, Chuckles is just a total dick, and it’s great.

Green Lantern #60 (DC)
Andy: These renegade Guardians are nasty!
Arnab: The mysterious collector of entities reveals himself, and then grabs five more entities in one fell swoop.
NickI: Geoff Johns pulls another old villain out of obscurity. Not knowing anything about them, the reveal felt flat.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #5 (DC)
Andy: Fernando Pasarin is hitting grand slam after grand slam with the art in this series. I really like this book.
Arnab: The best issue in the series as Guy and company face off against some mind controlled rookie Green Lanterns.
NickI: Guy Gardner is the best Green Lantern. There I said it. And this is the best GL book in the stands.

Iron Siege #1 (IDW)
Andy: The story is set in occupied France during WWII. The Americans have captured a key Nazi General, which is good. Blood thirsty zombies are everywhere, though, which is bad. A must read for WWII buffs and zombie fans!

Loki #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Fans of the Trickster will delight in this mini. Very well done so far.

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #1 (Archaia)
Jeff: David Petersen once again kicks off an epic tale. Perfect jumping on point for newcomers!

New Mutants Forever #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Cornier than a corn kernel eating a bag of popcorn in a cornfield. Good riddance.

The Occultist #1 (Dark Horse)
: Wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. Fans of magic and the occult will totally dig it. Kind of a wimpy protagonist though. It will be interesting to see how his character progresses.
Aron: Vic Drujiniu from “The Waking” draws this one! Other than that, kinda unoriginal. Too much like “The Helm” without the goofiness. Pass.
NickI: The Hack/Slash guy doing something more “supernatural” than his usual horror stuff. Decent prologue to the story.

Proof: Endangered #1 (Image)
Andy: If you only had one indie book to pick up this week, I hope it was this one. A must read for any fans of the supernatural!

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #3 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: If you’ve stuck with this series, this issue was very satisfying. Easily the best so far, and a redeemer in terms of proving its worth…even if it does remind me a lot of Haunt.

Star Wars: Legacy: War #1 (Dark Horse)
Andy: This issue wasted no time in cutting to the chase! It’s action packed with art that’s out of this galaxy. All Star Wars fans should pick it up!
NickI: Too much exposition, and considering there are only 6 issues to finish this massive story, things def. need to pick up.

Strange Tales 2 #3 (Marvel)
NickI: The James Stokoe “Silver Surfer” story is absolutely ridiculous! The skrulls look suspiciously similar to his “Orc Stain” Orcs, though.

The Suicide Forest #1 (IDW)
Aron: I think this series is going to be pretty creepy…and AWESOME! Pick it up and thank yourself!

Supergirl #59 (DC)
Andy: A decent issue. But what’s this I hear about Nick Spencer not taking over the series? That sucks.
NickZ: I really don’t like Cat Grant but this issue did a good job of bringing things full circle for her and Supergirl, and for her and Toyman also.

Superman #706 (DC)
Andy: It was nice to see the name “G. Willow Wilson” on the cover of a comic book once more.
NickZ: While the “Grounded” story line is kind of interesting, it’s also kind of boring especially when Supes is not in the issue much.

Time Masters Vanishing Point #5 (DC)
Arnab: A well executed time traveling story leading up to a major collision in the final issue.
NickZ: I called the whole Waverider thing like 3 issues ago, and really Batman is back already so you can stop “searching” for him.

Thunderbolts #151 (Marvel)
Andy: Jeff Parker is awesome. Seriously awesome.

Titans #30 (DC)
Andy: Like Justice League of America, this series is just dead in the water.

Uncanny X-Force #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Perhaps some the best X-fights I’ve seen in a long time- even better than those in Second Coming. I will forever basque in the hotness of Psylocke.
Arnab: The new X-Force continue to struggle against an old foe.
Infinite Speech: If you’re not reading this title go ahead and punch yourself in the face. Now.
Jeff: Deadpool revives Archangel with pop rocks and soda, and it’s not stupid at all! Best X-book on the shelves.
NickI: This series just keeps getting better with each issue. Opena is killing in the art side, and Remender has conceived of the best 4 horsemen.
NickZ: AWESOME!! Dare i say this book may even be better than the Kyle/Yost X-Force! Blasphemy! I know!

Unwritten #20 (Vertigo)
NickI: I’m a huge Melville fan, so seeing Tommy Taylor in the “Moby Dick” story is awesome.

Velocity #3 (Top Cow)
Andy: Kenneth Rocafort could make the back of a cereal box look mind blowing. And not to brag, but I know what happens next since I worked with Publisher, Filip Sablik, all day last Wednesday at Collector’s Paradise, and he spilled the beans. One word: Awesomesauce.

What If? The Amazing Spider-Man: Grim Hunt #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Well, that settles that; I’m glad Peter Parker didn’t kill Kraven.

Wolverine #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Jason Aaron is telling one of the best Wolverine stories in years. Pick up this issue if you haven’t been reading, especially if you’re an X-Men fan. Oh, and Iceman was in it!
Jeff: Still not loving Guedes’ art, but this story kicks major Devil-tail! And so does Wolverine!
NickI: Wolverine versus the X-Men. I didn’t know Colossus could bleed while in metal form. And the Devil gets crucified. Yes, this is a great book.
NickZ: This book keeps getting better and better! Who saw that twist coming? Not me, that’s for sure!

X-Factor #212 (Marvel)
Andy: My favorite X-Factor issue in a long time. Peter David nailed this one…but Darwin’s leaving!? BOOOO!!!
Arnab: This series continues to put out great issues time after time. Accompanied by Thor, X-Factor battles through Hela’s army of dead.
Jeff: Did Darwin just take out Hela? The Goddess of Death Hela? Holy schmoleys!
NickI: Now we see why we had this weird Asgardian storyline, you know, the whole Rahne/Rictor thing just got even more complicated.
NickZ: This team is awesome! Looks like some good stuff got set up for the next few issues.

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  1. @NickZ, Enigma has actually been around for a couple years now.

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  3. @Arnab I didn’t know that, but I looked her up and she known more from Teen Titans and I’m not a big Titans fan so there you go. Thanks for the info.

  4. So many good books this week! There are still a few I missed unfortunately

  5. Soooo…is anybody else going to tell Andy that he used more than 140 characters for that Velocity chirp? lol

  6. Jeff Jackson

    Andy, you’re demoted to Alpha Flight. 😉

  7. Snowbird, here I come!

    : D

  8. UXF is hands down one of the better titles to come out and even though I rolled my eyes at the series starting over YET AGAIN I’m glad it’s been worth it so far.

    And the fight between the current Death and Wolverine (who used to be Death) was just SICK!

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