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October 10, 2009

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Hawkwoman Tonner Character Doll

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HAWKWOMAN™ swoops in for action wearing her classic uniform consisting of a yellow knit halter top, slim-fit green knit pants, and bright red panties with faux leather belt. Molded hood, zippered faux leather boots, golden feathered wings and display stand also included. –

Series: Tonner Dolls DC Stars Collection
Company: Tonner
Articulation: 14 points


Packaging: Hawkwoman comes in a Tonner DC Stars long box. The black top has the DC Stars logo displayed in the lower center, and a small white label on the underside proclaims that Hawkwoman is indeed contained in this box. Another small white label on the side warns that this is not a toy, but a collectible item (as if you really didn’t know) and is recommended for ages 14+. Lifting the lid, the doll is tied with ribbons into the white bottom half of the box, with accessories, stand and base strategically placed around it.

Released: Spring 2009 (limited to 1000)
Where to Buy: Directly from Tonner at (US $174.99) or you can scour the internet for various pricing.


The Doll: Hawkwoman stands 16” tall and is absolutely breath-taking. Rooted saran auburn hair cascades in curls around her, and her face is sculpted and painted in a stoic warrior look. The doll comes with brass earrings, which I have not been able to put in yet, and her fingernails are painted the same shade as her lips. The outfit is simple: yellow halter top, green pants with the typical red superhero-undies-on-the-outside (that features a yellow stripe on each hip), faux leather yellow belt with brass accessory, and faux red leather boots with yellow striping and zippers on the backs. But what makes Hawkwoman, well, Hawkwoman, is her trademark hawk-like mask and large wings; in this case, feathered wings.

High Points
The wings! Straight up, they are much more than I would expect in a doll. Really, though, as this is Tonner and I shouldn’t be so surprised. However, the use of individual feathers (artificial, I believe) is the icing on the cake for this doll. And the wings are in scale to the doll, going from just above her head to about mid-calf. They attached to the doll by two clear plastic loops that you put her arms through and rest on her shoulders.

Low Points
This is Hawkwoman, and as such, I would have expected a little bit more detail in the mask. The detail in the sculpt of the mask is pretty good, with feather shapes put into the sides. I would have liked to see maybe some painted details, though. And it doesn’t fit quite right, though I can’t really describe why; something just looks off. Her face is so beautiful anyway, so I would just leave the mask off (such as seen in later seasons of Justice League Unlimited).

Overall: 4.0 out of 5; beautiful doll with fantastic wings. I can’t get those earrings in and the mask still bothers me a little bit for some reason.



Kelly McNamara

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  1. I didn’t even know there was a Hawkwoman. Great review! Who are the other characters in this line?

  2. Kristin

    I’m not really fond of these barbie type costumed dolls. But the details on her wings are really great.

  3. Dee

    There’s a lot of dolls in this line:

    Not shown are:
    Convention exclusives: Arkham inmates Harley, Ivy, Joker. Circe, Black Canary in a new outfit, Bruce Wayne,

    Stormy for Aquaman (considering the dolls are 18 inches tall, these are HUGE!)-

    Daily Planet Globe-

  4. billy

    @Andy, you don’t know Shayera Hol? WTH!

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