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October 9, 2009

DC Universe News: Outsiders Update!

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Written by: Jordan
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Last Saturday DC announced that there will be a new team working on Outsiders. The team consists of Dan DiDio as writer and Philip Tan as artist. The new run will begin with Outsiders #26, hitting shelves in January. We posted the cover of Outsiders #26 in black and white, and earlier today an image of the Outsiders #26 cover was released in color. Now, for your viewing pleasure, is the cover of Outsiders #26 in color!

Nice and shiny, just how I like my covers! All kidding aside, this a great looking cover. It appears that these two are having their picture taken, which is all well and good, but the areas of bright light really take away from the artwork behind them.

Jordan West


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  1. Again, Philip Tan is the reason I’m giving this a shot.

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