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December 13, 2010

Mac and Melissa’s Geeky Girl Gift Guide 2010!

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Written by: Melissa
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With the holidays around the corner, shopping for your girlfriend has never been more stressful. Especially if she’s of the geek variety. What do you get her? That new comic book she borrowed from you last week? Wii shaped mints? Have no fear, lads and lasses, we have compiled for you a lengthy list of geek gifts sure to capture the love of your life’s heart. (And just in case any of our  significant others are reading, we want all these, too!)

Let’s begin:

1. Her Universe Star Wars Apparel

Finally! Star Wars apparel with room for, er…both of her Death Stars.

Buy it here!

2. Pac-Man Limited Edition Moleskin Notebooks

Pac-Man is great. Moleskin is awesome. Together, they BLOSSOM.

Buy it here!

3. Batman Beyond Complete Series Box Set

Nothing quite says “I love you” like the gift of Batman. For hours.

Buy it here!

4. Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

The trouble with tribbles is that they’re so damn cute! (Warning: do not give to Klingon girlfriends.)

Buy it here!

5. C3-PO and R2-D2 Swimsuits

Literally get to push your girl’s buttons when you buy her one of these sexy Star Wars swimsuits. She might even help reprogram your moisture vaporator…if you know what I mean.

Buy it here!

6. Magic Wand programmable remote

The Walking Dead on at 9? Expecto Patronum! Time to turn off the TV? Avada Kedavra!

Buy it here!

7. World of Warcraft Hoodies

Keep her warm all the way down to her fingers while she’s busy casting DoTs or DPS and raiding dungeons.

Buy it here!

8. Remote Controlled Zombie

Grrrr…moan. Her own personal pet zombie under her complete control. Now, if only these came in boyfriends….

Buy it here!

9.  Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Now you see the ghosts! NOW YOU DON’T!

Buy it here!

10. DC Comic Sleepwear

Get the geeky girl of your dreams something she can use to fight crime in her dreams. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even save you one of these times (when she’s not busy making out with Batman).

Buy it here!

10. Slave Leia perfume

In case you didn’t already know, all geeky girls harbor a secret desire to be Leia one day. If she’s not into cosplay, then why don’t you give her the next best thing?

Buy it here!

11. Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Post USB Hub

The Doctor is hot. Extra USB ports are hot. Do I need to draw you a diagram? (Because I totally will, and it’ll be hot, too.)

Buy it here!

12. DC Comics Inspired Jewelry

Let’s face it: most girls love jewelry. Why not satisfy her love of shiny adornments and her love of comics at the same time?

Buy it here!

13. Critical Hit LED d20 Die

Make the holidays a little brighter for the D&D player in your life with this die that lights up when you roll a crit. Besides, we all know how dark mom’s basement gets.

Buy it here!

14. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Give these to the nerdy girl in your life who likes to bake, but be careful, she might not share. These aren’t the cookies you’re looking for.

Buy it here!

15. Taschen’s DC Comics

The holy grail of coffee table books. There’s stuff in here that even your grandfather hasn’t seen.

Buy it here!

16. Retro Star Trek Propaganda Posters

Her walls looking a bit empty? Need to decorate an office cubicle with class? Star Trek propaganda posters are just what the doctor ordered: colorful, classy, and AWESOME.

Buy it here!

17. Captain Malcolm Reynolds Tonner Doll

Seventeen inches of pure, unadulterated Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Need I say more?

Buy it here!

18. Star Wars Art: Visions

Nothing will show your lady your refined tastes in artwork like a book full of Star Wars inspired art. Who needs the Louvre?

Read about it here and buy it here!

19. Women’s Girl Power Rain Boots

Rain boots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but why not give her a pair she can really feel empowered with?

Buy it here!

20. Indiana Jones Holy Grail Paperclip Holder

This is pretty much all she needs on her desk. Just don’t let her fall into an abyss or something.

Buy it here!

21. Resident Evil T-Virus Replicas

These are expensive. So is her taste. Let her be the envy of all the videogame nerds in the land.

Buy it here!

22. Superhero Cotton Panties

Try to convince someone you don’t immediately fantasize about seeing your girlfriend in a pair of these. Come on. Try harder.

Buy it here!

23. Gamer Soap Sets

Shower your bathing beauty in soap. Space Invader shaped soap. This nifty little store also features Tetris and a whole selection of video game controllers as, you guessed it, soap.

Buy it here!

24. DC Direct’s Arkham Asylum Figures

Screw dolls, we want action figures! Order them now and get them in January or February. Just make sure to shape your IOUs like Bat-Signals.

Buy it here!

25. Star Wars Chop Sabers

Use the Force for good or for evil as you so choose, but know that both Jedi and Sith still have to eat.

Buy it here!

Melissa Kay




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  2. So much cool stuff. The rain boots and R2 and C3PO swim suits are amazing.

  3. Billy

    If anybody wants to buy me the RC Zombie for Christmas, that would be great (or the Batman panties). 😀

  4. Kristin

    You missed a perfect gift that I’m sort of craving myself. A weighted companion cube plush. I so want one. Also, “fuzzy dice” companion cubes for the car.
    Seriously, how can you say no to that?

  5. So many great things in this list!

  6. Aron

    These are all swell! Having a geeky girl, would be swell, too!

  7. Dylan

    Man i’ve been looking everywhere but does anyone know where to find the batman underwear? I’m looking to get them for my girlfriend but they seem to be imposible to find and sadly the link is crossed out here.


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