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December 12, 2010

Marvel Reviews: The New Avengers #7

The New Avengers #7
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Cover: Stuart Immonen

After several issues of fighting mystical demons, possessions, and the usual amount of property damage caused by these superhero bouts, New Avengers #7 takes some time to slow things down a bit. Luke Cage is balancing family and the team while Dr. Strange is trying to find his place in all of this. He’s quickly reminded that he’s got a group of friends who still have his back just as he had theirs when he hid the team in his home while they were fugitives. There’s some other business that also needs attending, however; Jessica realizes that she and Luke will need a nanny and preferably one with powers who is willing to help protect their child. So the search begins and makes for one of the best moments in the book!

This was just one fun issue to read and it’s probably my favorite in the series so far. Bendis balances this issue with some of the better character moments to come out of this series and delivers quite a few laughs along the way. The best example of this would be the amount of cameos during Jessica and Luke’s search for a super powered nanny via Bendis’s talking head sequence. He pulls from horrible characters such as D-Man to one of my personal faves like Groot, who delivers his patented line as expected. There was a bit of a shock with their final choice, and of course it had to be someone from Logan’s past as I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone in the Marvel Universe that isn’t.

Those character moments Bendis wrote wouldn’t have come off half as well had it not been for Immonen’s artwork as it continues to do the series justice. Some of the better sequences were Spidey and Victoria Hand going back and forth along with Jessica putting her foot down with Luke, as he nailed it with both. It was nice to see that he’s just as good on the slower paced issues like this one as he is with the action packed ones. Too many times I’ve seen artists put more effort into the action scenes and let their skills lax a bit when things calm down.

Longtime fans will definitely get more out of this issue as it’s filled with those fanboy moments that we only get to see in issues like this. Plus we get to see several of the obscure characters that we love to hate and make fun of. Proving that we need those characters, even if it’s just for comic relief at times. Bendis is making me believe these characters can be an actual team and just not a mash up of some of Marvel’s popular characters, and I’ll admit that out of the two Avengers titles this one is quickly becoming my favorite.

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  1. Eli

    I really liked this issue as well, especially Demolition Man. Their choice for nanny was great, and should make for some fun moments to come. Overall this issue had plenty of good bits in it.

  2. This was hands down my pick of the week last week.

    Holy hell was it hilarious!

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