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December 19, 2010

Music Reviews: Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy Album

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Written by: Drew
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As many have already noted, few movie scores have really peaked interest in recent times, only being an after thought. However, the multiple award winning duo known as Daft Punk, artists behind such hits as “Around the World,” “Human After All,” and a ton from their amazing album Discovery, have had a huge amount of hype for being brought in to score the newly released film TRON: Legacy. Now, TRON: Legacy has become something of an attention whore lately itself, a multimillion dollar budgeted sequel to a cult-followed box office flop from over 25 years ago. Was this really happening? And the original actors have come back to play the leads?! And then finally Daft Punk, known for their house-thumping electric dance beats, doing the score?!?!?! We are all waiting to see if Disney’s big gamble pays off. About a week ago, Disney released the score world wide to both love and hate reviews, yet still there’s much growing hype about the album. So how did it fair with us here at

The thing to remember about this album if you’re a Daft Punk fan, is it is a movie score, not a traditional dance hall album, so it’s not the Daft Punk you’re always used to. It wasn’t made for clubs, it was made to serve and expand the world of Tron. There is Daft Punk’s electronic signature all over the thing, but aside from all the tech-beats, they also brought in the London Philharmonic, proving they are true musicians, not just creators of dance music, and supplying us with one of the darkest and melancholy sounding scores, up there with Blade Runner and this past summer’s Inception. Tracks like “Recognizer,” “Rinzler,” and “C.L.U.” are hard thumping, electric banging-drum darkness: engaging, tough, and never dull. It is not the Daft Punk we know, but a darker side of Daft Punk, a place they don’t take us to often. “Adiago for TRON” is surely their most heart breaking song on the album, pretty much only orchestra with practically no electronic, it is a beautiful piece of echoing sadness. Other tracks like “Derezzed,” the first single Disney turned into a music video and released, “End of the Line,” and “TRON Legacy (end titles)” feel like they were picked right off any of Daft Punks albums, awesome danceable tracks that you just want to jam to.

I love Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy score and give it a high recommendation and praise, so pick it up.

Drew McCabe



  1. I don’t think Tron was a “flop” it did open to mixed reviews back in 1982 but it’s been making Disney money ever since. So there definitely is an audience for the film and I’m pretty sure if things go well with this film that we’ll see a third installment. Now THAT film is one I would worry about.

    Remember though that before Neo hopped in the Matrix and gave us all those cool bullet time effects Kevin Flynn was pulled into his digital world and we even got to see the use of avatars. That was back in 1982 before computers were anywhere near what they are now. Plus those special effects were just cool as hell to see back then because it had never been done before.

  2. This music is awesome!

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