December 15, 2010

Onrie Kompan Productions: Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender #3

Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender #3
Onrie Kompan Productions
Writer: Onrie Kompan
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Cover: Joel Saaverdra

“Warrior and Defender pt 3”: The trap has been sprung and the Korean navy has been dealt a severe blow in the process. The advancing Japanese ships intend on taking full advantage of their confusion and fear, hoping to get revenge after their defeat at the Battle of Okpo. While on his own ship, Yi Soon Shin lays on the deck bleeding from a sniper’s bullet and is not responding to his troops. Things look very dark for the Korean navy, and to make matters worse, the jealous Admiral Won has decided to act in Yi’s absence and push the attack on the opposing Japanese forces. A tactic that will surely result in the deaths and defeat of the Korean naval soldiers if the situation doesn’t change quickly.

Kompan gives us a deeper look at Baron Seo and his issues with Yi Soon Shin via a fever dream. It’s a pretty intense sequence made even more effective by Timpano’s impressive visuals. Most of the issue is comprised of the Battle of Sacheon, but there is a great balance of dialog and action sequences to keep you entertained and invested in the story.

The tactical mind of Yi is clearly displayed here, as well as the loyalty his men had for him. While at the same time Kompan displays the other side of that with the infighting and plotting of Yi’s fellow Admirals who seem more interested in their own fame than that of Korea’s freedom. This adds more to the plot of Warrior and Defender as you can tell that Kompan did more than just research the historical events, and he was able to get to know the actual characters involved to help round out the story.

With great artwork from Timpano and great writing from Kompan,Warrior and Defender continues to be one of the best books you’re not reading! Kompan and his team have made each issue more than just a historical retelling, but an exciting account that’s worth checking out whether you’re a history buff or not.

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  2. This looks amazing. Props to an indie book looking this good.

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