December 7, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/2/2010

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Written by: Jeff
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Action Comics Annual #13 (DC)
Andy: I think it’s safe to say Lex Luthor is officially my favorite DC “villain.”
NickI: I hope Cornell has a long run writing Lex Luthor. He just gets the character. Plus, young Lex looks like Jimmy Olsen.
NickZ: A new look into Luthor’s past with two of my faves, Darkseid and Ra’s Al Ghul.

Adventure Comics #521 (DC)
NickZ: Interesting choice for a new Green Lantern. I wonder how this will pan out.

American Vampire #9 (Vertigo)
Arnab: Another brilliant issue. Skinner Sweet proves once more why he’s the most bad-ass vampire out there.
Aron: Things get really interesting in this conclusion of the second cycle. Future implications?

Batman 80 Page Giant 2010 (DC)
A nice collection of short stories showcasing Gotham’s finest villains.
NickZ: Batman has the best rogues gallery ever! The Joker story in this is AMAZING, worth the 6 bucks for this comic!

Batman Orphans #1 (DC)
Andy: Great art in this one- loved the colors! A well told mystery story- don’t skip it Bat fans!
Arnab: There’s a fake Batman on the prowl and he’s more than willing to go through a bunch of kids till he finds his Robin.

NickZ: This is a great Robin story and the art work is awesome!

The Boys #49 (Dynamite)
Quit teasing us Ennis and get to the big fight already!

Brightest Day #15 (DC)
Andy: The Martian Manhunter story line is my least favorite of Brightest Day. This issue felt like a road bump in the bigger picture.
A somewhat interesting yet completely unnecessary issue about the Martian Manhunter.
NickI: Decent what-if  fake future story, but this book is definitely dragging its feet. Maybe it should’ve been 12 issues instead of 24?
NickZ: What a crazy story! Poor Barry, indeed. It looks like more craziness is on the way in the next issue too.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #39 (Dark Horse)
This story is just too “let’s-go-over-the-top-as-much-as-possible.” Besides the dialogue, this just doesn’t feel like the show.
NickZ: Damn you Joss! Damn you and your killing characters that we love always!! *tear*

Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #1 (BOOM! Studios)
Made me feel like a kid again. Every 90s child should give C ‘N’ D a shot!

Daredevil #512 (Marvel)
Hmmm…I’m on the fence. I need a good reason why Black Panther is in Hell’s Kitchen.
Well, that was stupid.
NickI: Good post-Shadowland issue. I hope they make sense of the randomness of Black Panther becoming the new Man Without Fear.

Feeding Ground #2 (Archaia)
A very slow moving story. It’s putting me to sleep.

Generation Hope #2 (Marvel)
Andy: This issue was a whole lot of “meh.” And why does Cyclops have to be a such a dick to Rogue all the time?
Arnab: That fifth light is proving to be a doozy.
NickI: Someone made a comment how the “bad” Light is basically an Akira ripoff. This is true. Still enjoying the series.
NickZ: Another great issue, even if nothing really happened. I am still loving these five light kids.

Heavy Metal: January 2011 (Heavy Metal)
I only recently jumped on the HM band wagon, and I couldn’t be happier! Great stuff!

Heroes For Hire #1 (Marvel)
Andy: If you like the street level characters of the Marvel U, definitely pick this book up! If not, you’re better off spending your coin on Abnett/Lanning’s Iron Man/Thor series.

iZombie #8 (Vertigo)
Love the interaction between Terrier-boy and his Chimp granddad. This series has both the weirdest and most interesting cast of characters.

The Killer: Modus Vivendi #6 (Archaia)
One of the hottest crime fiction books on the market. The effort to expand the story beyond these six issues is a well timed move.

Lady Death #0 (Boundless)
This was my first foray into Lady Death. Lots of action here, but I’m not sure what the heck is going on.

Marineman #1 (Image)
Wow! This issue was fantastic! Churchill’s passion really comes through as the script is smooth, and the art even smoother. Proves the point to never judge a book by its cover. My pick of the week.

Motel Hell #3 (IDW)
Lots of sweet gore! A good finale!

Rasl #9 (Cartoon Books)
Andy: This series is great! Anyone who’s looking for a new indie title to check out, look this way.
NickI: This series is probably best read in trade. The 3 or so month wait per issue is too long to follow. Still, worth reading.

Shadowland #5 (Marvel)
Cool ending moment with Iron Fist, but this series fizzled for me.
Aron: What the hell, man? What the hell?
NickI: So everyone seems to be glad this is over, and I agree. But this is an excellent final issue. IRON FIST KICKS SOME ASS!

Strange Science Fantasy #6 (IDW)
Andy: Fantastic. Absolutely awesome. Pick it up in trade for some mind warping adventure.
NickI: I feel like I’ve said this before: Most Innovative Comic of the Year. That’s what you get from Morse. This issue ties everything together.

Supergod #5 (Avatar)
NickI: Waited this long for such a lackluster finish. Nonetheless, cool moment between American Supergod and Indian Supergod.

Sweet Tooth (Vertigo)
Holy crap! This was the climax we’ve been waiting for! Easily one of the best titles on the shelf right now.
Aron: “Mr. Jeppard’s here. Yer all gonna die.” I’ve got a sweet tooth for Sweet Tooth!

Wolverine The Best There Is #1 (Marvel)
So I’m not sure if there’s some kinda mind control going on, but Wolverine should NEVER dance. He does that in this book. Yeah, I know. Bad.
NickZ: Wolvie may indeed be the best there is, but this series definitely is not.

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  1. Decapitated Dan

    Andy I am so proud of you for reading Heavy Metal. This weeks was a GREAT issue. I can not wait til next year to read part 2 or Wisher

  2. I thought Heavy Metal only came in huge anthology type books. Who knew huh lol Seems like there was a lot of fizzle this past week and that’s just no cool.

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