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December 6, 2010

Interview With Let Me In Writer, Marc Andreyko

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Written by: Mac
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I was recently so fortunate as to get the chance to send some questions about the upcoming comic Let Me In: Crossroads to its writer, Marc Andreyko.

Let Me In Cover

COMIC ATTACK: So tell us, how closely did you work with the film production when writing your prequel to the recently released Let Me In?

MARC ANDREYKO: Not really at all other than reading the script and getting an advance peek at the trailers. I saw a rough cut a few months into the project too, which was pretty sweet.

CA: How long before the events of Let Me In does the prequel take place?

MA: A few months before they arrive at Los Alamos in the film. What happens in Indiana precipitates their move.

CA: How much creative liberty did you have when writing this story?

MA: Quite a bit, actually. I came up with three ideas and pitched them to my editors, Scott Allie and Samantha Robertson, and they passed ’em along to the movie folks.

CA: Let Me In started life (or perhaps, afterlife) as a novel before it was adapted into two films. How much did those sources factor into your writing?

MA: Well, I love the novel and the Swedish film, but “Let Me In” isn’t a direct remake. The change of the locales and the cultural differences make “Let Me In” stand on its own as a film. And I was working from the reality set up in the American film, which diverges from the Swedish film and the novel. For me, it was about remaining faithful to the tone set up by the original novelist.

CA: Was there anything in particular you drew your inspiration from?

MA: Absolutely. The horror films of the 30’s where you had a sense of creeping dread, but didn’t see too much too soon. And, of course, the original novel and film.

CA: For this comic, you had to write a character that appears young, but who is actually very, very old. What kind of challenges did you encounter with this?

MA: Not much, really. I just approached Abby by studying the voice she was given in Matt Reeves’ screenplay and being faithful to that. In addition, Abby might be very old, but her mental age is nowhere near her physical one. By living such a sheltered life, she is actually just as awkward around people as a real 12 year old.

CA: You have written female characters before for other comics. How different was it to write for the lead character, Abby?

MA: Well, I try not to define characters simply by their gender. It’s not as if all male characters are written the same, so it’s a bit reductive to think that female characters would be any different. Each character has their own challenges, but those are the things that make being a writer fun.

Let Me In Cover 2

CA: What was the most challenging part overall of writing the prequel?

MA: This job has been an absolute dream. My biggest challenge: not showing people art from the book or talking about it until it was announced.

CA: Did you have an artistic vision when writing this? If so, how closely does the art in the book match that?

MA: The art on “Let Me In” looks exactly as I had hoped. No, scratch that, better actually. Patric Reynolds is an absolute wizard on this. His visuals surpass anything I could’ve hoped for and I hope he still returns my calls when he becomes the superstar he deserves to be.

CA: Are you, or were you, a fan of vampires prior to writing this comic?

MA: Oh, yeah: “Tomb of Dracula”, the Hammer Drac films with Christopher Lee, “Salem’s Lot”, Bela Lugosi, Coppola’s film…I love ’em. (Except when they’re sparkly, don’t have fangs, and play baseball.)

CA: If you could write a comic about any sort of monster, what type would you choose?

MA: Hmmm. Good question. I do have a werewolf story I’ve been itching to do for years if there are any publishers out there listening. [Laughs]

CA: Is there anything we should expect to see from you in the near future?

MA: Well, I’m doing “True Blood: Tainted” from IDW starting in February, a viking book from Archaia called “Saga”, a project with Bill Willingham for Dynamite, and some stuff for Marvel and DC that I cannot discuss under thread of death. So, I’m busy. It’s kinda nice.

Be sure to check out Let Me In: Crossroads #1 when it releases this Wednesday, December 8th!




  1. Very nice interview Mac! Wasn’t the Sweedish version titled Let the Right One In? I heard it was good but I have yet see either movie.

  2. Mac

    The original version was called “Let the Right One In”. I watched it a while back on Netflix streaming. It was very good and I recommend giving it a watch.

  3. Aron

    “Let the Right One In” is an EXCELLENT movie! “Let Me In” wasn’t near as good, but it was still good. I’m interested in checking out the comic, for sure.

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