November 22, 2010

TV Reviews: The Walking Dead Episode 1.4

Waking from a coma to a world overrun by zombies, policeman Rick Grimes must learn how to survive in this post-apocalyptic nightmare. Armed with firearms and supplies, Rick sets out into this dangerous world, searching for his missing family, hoping to find them alive and well…this is The Walking Dead.

Title: The Walking Dead
Written by: Robert Kirkman (teleplay & graphic novels)
Director: Johan Renck
Company: Darwoods Productions
Original Air Date: November 21, 2010
Length: 60 min.
Rated: TV-14
Episode: “Vatos”

Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl continue their search for Merle after finding only his sawed off hand on the roof top where he was left handcuffed to a pipe. While following his blood trail, the group finds evidence that Merle is just too damn stubborn to die and has found a way to stop the bleeding of his stump. Daryl is intent on finding his brother, but Rick doesn’t want him going off half cocked either and reminds him that they have to get the guns that were left by the tank as well. So Glenn comes up with a plan that allows for the guns to be picked up and a brief search for Merle. The plan is going smooth until Daryl is startled by a survivor who alerts his friends to their position. Daryl is overpowered and Glenn winds up kidnapped, but they have a hostage (Miguel) of their own and Daryl wants answers.

At the campsite Dale notices that Jim has just been digging all afternoon, and when he goes to speak to him he can immediately tell that something is wrong. After talking with some of the group they return to try to see what’s going on with Jim. Shane makes an attempt to find out why Jim is digging, and after words are exchanged Jim finally snaps and Shane has to subdue him. It’s during this that we find out what happened to Jim’s family and get a deeper look into who he is.

Back in the city, Miguel takes them to where his group of survivors are holding out and it seems that their leader Guillermo not only wants his man back, but the bag of guns in exchange for Glenn. Rick isn’t giving them up and feels that an even trade is fair enough, but Guillermo threatens to toss Glenn off of a very high roof. The trio leave with their Miguel in tow to go and get the guns, or so Guillermo thinks. Rick isn’t giving up the guns, but he isn’t leaving Glenn behind either, and quickly reminds Daryl of that. The two decide to stay with Rick and help him when he goes back to “re-negotiate” the terms of Glenn’s release. But what happens is one of the most unexpected conclusions to a stand off I’ve ever seen, and the rescue party finds out the truth about this group of people forced to survive during the zombie apocalypse.

After a very successful fishing trip earlier thanks to Amy and Andrea, everyone is sitting around the camp fire enjoying dinner and each other’s company. However, things quickly do a complete 180 as the campsite is overrun with walkers taking a bite out of anyone they can. As the group scatters, Shane’s priority is Carl and Lori as he fires off a few rounds and makes sure they are close. Morales picks up a bat and starts swinging for the fences, taking out as many of the undead as he can while we see others get picked off and some fight back. Very close to being home, the rescue party hear the shots being fired and quicken their pace back to the campsite and arrive just in time to put down the last few walkers. As everyone surveys the damage, many lives have been lost but one in particular hits too close to one of the characters.

This episode in particular was written by Robert Kirkman, and aside from “Guts” it’s my favorite one. The opening sequence just set the episode up perfectly and as usual the rest was just great. Those who have been reading the series since 2003 are still given more than enough surprises to keep them from guessing everything, and the new scenes don’t feel forced or thrown together. Everything fits and even when Felipe’s Abuela (Grandmother) walks into a very tense situation it was just perfect and unexpected. With only two episodes left I’m excited to see at what point in the story we leave off at in preparation for season two!

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  1. This was one of the best episodes yet…it had drama, it had goo, it had pathos, it had character building…damn good!

  2. Eric Meier

    There are only two more episodes left? Why aren’t they adding more to season one before they start the second? I haven’t done a lot of research on The Walking Dead TV show layout so forgive me if this was already covered somewhere. Is that because it was originally going to be a mini series but then AMC realized how much everyone dug it?

  3. From what I know it was going to be six episodes from the start, but since it’s doing so well it was green lit for a second season with 13 episodes. I’m fine with six episodes only because I realize that the guys that hold the money probably thought it was a big risk regardless of how successful the book was so they were only willing to gamble on six episodes.

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  5. This was the best episode yet! You could tell that it was written by Kirkman. The Walking Dead is at its best when the storys have the perfect combo of heart (or heartache as the case maybe), horror, and action.
    btw that zombie pick totally grosses me out!

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  7. Finally sat down and watched this one tonight. So hilariously racist. It ~would~ be Mexicans driving up in their ghetto car to beat up the redneck and kidnap the Asian.

    Also, I’m not thrilled with all the pointless, dragging on additions. It’s killing the feel of the series. It’s supposed to be a damn apocalypse, everyone thinking everyone else out there is dead. Yet around every corner, THERE’S MORE PEOPLE! It’s hard to imagine they’re alone in any capacity when the whole damn place is crawling with living humans.

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