November 23, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 11/17/10

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Written by: Andy
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Artifacts #3 (Top Cow)
Arnab: Great issue setting up the looming battle.
Infinite Speech: The event that other events should look up to!

The Astounding Wolf-Man #25 (Image)
That’s how the series ends? Really? I don’t wanna buy Guardians of the Globe #3.

The Avengers #7 (Marvel)
Andy: Someone has to go back and re-read The Illuminati!

Azrael #14 (DC)
Andy: This book has finally found some direction, hearkening back to the first story arc. If you bailed earlier or were skeptical of this series, start reading with this issue.
Aron: In the words of Sealab Captain Murphy, “HOLY CRAP!”. This was the craziest issue yet! A good jumping on point. Do it!
NickZ: Things are FINALLY getting good in this series! I hope Azrael stays closely tied to Batman Incorporated.

Batman #704 (DC)
Tony Daniel is no Grant Morrison, but he’s got something good going here.
Arnab: Welcome back Tony Daniel. This issue had a bit of everything, from great art, to recurring characters, to new characters.
Infinite Speech: Tony Daniel is off to a great start here hopefully there will be less Bruce popping up to let Dick’s character grow.
NickZ: A solid issue. It will be interesting to see how Catgirl’s story plays out.

Batman Incorporated #1 (DC)
Amazing. The Bruce/Selina dynamic is something we’ve always longed for, and Paquette’s art is perfect for this book!
Arnab: Batman and Catwoman go to Japan to start off the next leg of Morrison’s run.
NickZ: Kind of an odd ball first story but the Bruce/Selina relationship makes it worth it.

Batman: The Return #1 (DC)
Anybody who considers themselves a Bat-fan should have read this. If you didn’t I virtually slap you. Did you catch the Kingdom Come references?
Arnab: This was a great issue that wrapped up months of story telling and also sets up the future of Batman and family.
NickI: Bat-Robots and Bat Armor. Too bad Magog is dead (Spoiler!) or else this could be the start of Earth 0 becoming Kingdom Come.
NickZ: This whole Batman Incorporated things seems very ambitious, I can’t wait to see where it leads! Also Bruce working/dealing with Damian was priceless!

Batman Streets of Gotham #17 (DC)
Arnab: Great Batman and Catwoman moment. And who knew Hush could fight?
Andy: I love seeing Alfred kick the shit out of people!
NickZ: Interesting back story about the Waynes. I wonder what Hush is up to this time and if it’s going to involve Catwoman.

The Boys: Highland Laddie #4 (Dynamite)
Andy: This series finally gets interesting! If you’ve been sticking with it, you get your payoff here. And if you bailed earlier, pick this issue up- it’s Hughie and Annie’s first encounter since their split.

Brightest Day #14 (DC)
Andy: Awww. I wanted more White Lantern Batman. What a tease.
Arnab: Deadman has been my favorite character in this entire series from the beginning and this issue does not disappoint.
NickZ: A great Boston Brand story, a must read for Deadman fans. I hope Batman joins the Generation Lost group.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Daken truly is a master manipulator. It’s about time his character started to take some direction.
NickI: Looks like Daken is following in Romulus’ footsteps.
NickZ: Well I didn’t expect for the Fantastic Four to get involved in this. I wonder what Daken will do now.

Darkwing Duck #6 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: Any kid born in the 1990s should be reading this. It’s a can of nostalgia wonderfulness.

DC Universe Legacies #7 (DC)
This is just boring stuff that we already know, what is the point of this series?

Deadpool Max #2 (Marvel)
I loved it! After totally disliking #1, this issue was just what the doctor ordered. I’m back on the band wagon.
NickZ: OK this book is obscene just to be obscene. With Deadpool in a Max title, I expect so much more.

Flash #6 (DC)
Barry Allen fights the evades the time cops just in time to save Iris.

G.I. Joe: Future Noir Special #1 (IDW)
Andy: $7.99 for this IDW!? Are you freakin’ insane!?!?!?

Green Lantern #59 (DC)
Andy: More secrets get revealed about the Indigo Lanterns. This story arc feels like it’s headed somewhere big…
It’s a battle of the corps, sorta. And it looks like the Compassion Corps aren’t so compassionate.

Green Lantern Corps #54 (DC)
Andy: I thought this story arc was pretty slow moving until this issue. Still, how many times have we seen actual allies battle it out before they realize they’re actually allies?
Arnab: It would appear Kyle needs some more hand to hand combat training.

Hellblazer #273 (Vertigo)
He totally threw that chick out. Naked! I LOVE this series!

Hulk #27 (Marvel)
Comic fans: Give Jeff Parker’s run on this title a shot. It’s good stuff!

Justice League of America #51 (DC)
This is the first issue of Justice League that I have actually enjoyed in a long while. I hope it’s getting back on track.

Morning Glories #4 (Image)
I’m starting to wonder if I’m only in on this because of all the hot chicks.
Aron: Crap! Now those kids are REALLY in trouble! And I’m REALLY digging this series!
Jeff: Ok, I’m loving the mystery, but I sure wish they would give us a little clue as to what the heck is going on!

Motel Hell #2 (IDW)
There’s no way out of Motel Hello and people are starting to get treated the way they’ve treated others. Kinda like Saw.

Northlanders #34 (Vertigo)
Our big blacksmith splits a giant version of his enemy in half? Yeah, confusing ending.

One #2 (GG Studio)
Infinite Speech:
A great looking fantasy book with a decent story so far, though a little more action couldn’t hurt.

Osborn #1 (Marvel)
Andy: It was good, but the idea to move Osborn from isolation into a room with a bunch of other twisted serial killers is a dumb ass move.

The Sixth Gun #6 (Oni Press)
Andy: This series is for any fan of supernatural or western themes. So happy it’s expanding beyond this arc. Pick up the TPB!

Spider-Girl #1 (Marvel)
Marvel’s answer to Batgirl. I liked it. Even so, it feels like it may be trying to get too big too fast.

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #2 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: I’ll give one more issue a try, but things aren’t looking so good…

Stephen King’s The Stand: Hardcases #5 (Marvel)
The slow build of this book can get annoying at times, but I’m intrigued by the story. Plus, too busy to read the novel.

Supergirl #58 (DC)
A nice jumping on point for new readers. Gorgeous cover.
So Toyman wasn’t enough, now they need Dollmaker? …..I can’t wait for Action Figure Guy.

Superman #705 (DC)
A very touching story. “Does your dad beat you, too?”  How sad is that?

Superman/Batman #78 (DC)
Another very fun issue and one every fanboy can relate to.

Superior #2 (Icon)
Andy: Who knew you could still enjoy a Mark Millar story without all the swearing, violence, and exploding heads?
NickI: Superior freaks out his friend, then tests out his powers. Is this the most important comic book since 1938? Haha.

Thunderbolts #150 (Marvel)
Awesome. Just flat out awesome. The T-Bolts vs. Cap, Iron Man, and Thor. Anything Jeff Parker touches turns to sexy gold.
NickI: This is a book not written by Bendis that actually has better Luke Cage as leader characterization.

Warlord of Mars #2 (Dynamite)
Andy: Easily my favorite Dynamite title. Arvid Nelson really knows how to tell a story.
NickI: This comic is great. Here’s another comic adaptation that makes me wanna read the original source material.

Whispers in the Walls #4 (Humanoids)
This is quite an enjoyable little vampire/monster comic from France! Go out and find it!

X-23 #3 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s cool to see a character really get a deep, well thought out, and introspective look. That’s rare nowadays.
Jeff: I was really hoping this would tie more into Wolverine Goes To Hell, but all it was was X-23 deciding to leave the X-Men.
NickZ: A great issue and Laura is now set up for her own path in this series. I’m on board!

X-Factor #211 (Marvel)
Andy: Shatterstar has never been more awesome since appearing in this series.
Arnab: Shatterstar kicks a lot of undead ass and then almost hits on Thor. How great is that.
Jeff: Some great action sequences here. It’s about time we saw this team kick some butt!
NickI: More Asgardians join the mix. I get the sneaking suspicion Thor is here because his movie is coming out. Either way, still a great book.
NickZ: This series is better when it’s character driven. A full on action issue just to introduce Thor falls kind of flat.

X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Finally! Iceman does something useful! A great battle royal issue. Gischler has a good handle on how these mutant powers work.
Arnab: Once again Cyclops proves why he’s the leader of the mutant race.
Decapitated Dan: Why that was unoriginal and boring, but to each his own I guess. Another round of poop for my eyes and my brain to digest.
Jeff: Great buildup to an awesome final battle! Loved the way the tide turned.
NickI: I’m pretty sure Andy had a geekasm when Iceman turned into Holy Waterman. Those Vamps are screwed!
NickZ: This issue ROCKED!! Cyclops is like the Batman of the Marvel Universe and Holy Water Iceman! Genius!

Zatanna #7 (DC)
Andy: What’s with all the Hollywood/LA hate in this one? Jeez.

Zombies vs Cheerleaders #2 (Moonstone)
Decapitated Dan:
Kind of fun, but not anything I would recommend others to buy.

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  1. “Tony Daniel is no Grant Morrison, but he’s got something good going here.”

    You say that as if it’s a bad thing lol Tony did a great job with this issue and hopefully continues to put in quality work in both the art and script. If you have a writer just do all of the Batman books then they all will quickly sound the same and feel the same. Let Morrison write Bruce and give someone else Dick so the books have some variety.

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  3. Aron

    Speech, Scott Snyder begins his take on Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS, this week! I CAN’T WAIT!

  4. Believe me, I like Tony’s book too, it’s more of your mainstream Batman stuff. It’s just that Grant Morrison is just…20 steps above him.

  5. One day my friend…you and I will have great discussion about this. The first round is on me and after I school you, rounds 2,3,4,5 are all on you! 🙂

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