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November 14, 2010

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Henry Pym

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another great spotlight right here in Marvel Snapshot! In this week’s edition, we’ll take a look at the tumultuous life of Hank Pym. This guy has been called Yellowjacket, Ant-Man, Giant-Man, and of course, wife beater. Marvel has really given this guy quite a tough time, and we will take a look at some of his highlights right now!

Henry Pym was a brilliant bio-chemist who married a young woman named Marie Trovaya. Marie was a Hungarian woman that fled the country in fear for her life. Later on though, the two traveled to Hungary and thought all was well. Pym was then knocked unconscious and Marie was murdered. Pym then dedicated his life to fighting injustice. He used his scientific genius to discover what is now known as “Pym particles.” A subatomic group of particles that Pym would use to alter the size of objects. He used these Pym particles to make himself as small as an ant at first, but then later to become a giant; hence the names Ant-Man and Giant-Man (Goliath).

Hank eventually came to know Janet van Dyne (Wasp). The two fell in love and eventually married. During this time, Pym was experimenting with robotics. This is what would later spawn the fiendish robot named Ultron. This robot would plague Pym and the Avengers many times over, and still does to this day. One of the things Pym is most famous for though, is when he struck his wife out of anger and was subjected to a court martial. That, in my opinion, is one of Marvel’s best covers ever (see below). The story wasn’t very long, but dealt with a subject like abuse and was totally unheard of in that day and age in comics.

Years went by and Pym was always an Avenger, and also never far behind Janet (the Wasp). Although the two were married, then divorced, Hank always kept an eye on Janet with nothing but the best intentions. Pym was the de facto leader of the Mighty Avengers for a while, and can be seen inĀ Avengers Academy currently. Check out some great covers and my suggested reading list below.

Recommended Reading
Essential Avengers vol. 1 & 2 – Tpb
Kree/Skrull War – Tpb
Avengers vol. 1 #’s 212, 213 (abuse story line)
The Korvac Saga – Tpb
Avengers Forever – Tpb
Avengers Disassembled – Tpb
Secret Invasion books 1 & 2 – Tpb
Avengers Academy #’s 1-present (ongoing)

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Great job Billy! Adding “wife beater” to the names Hank has been known by was hilarious. I liked Pym when he didn’t really have a superhero identity and woud just have a bunch of tiny weapons in his pockets.

  2. Billy

    @NIck- I’m a big Pym fan from his Avengers days. Even as recently as MIghty Avengers too. Dan Slott did a good job on that book. It wasn’t the best book every month, but it was a good read and the team members were a good mix. Thanks for checking in man!

  3. Poor Hank Pym. As smart as Reed Richards and Tony Stark, but Jim Shooter wanted one of the founders to go bad, and that was the first part of the emasculation of the guy. His wife, the flighty socialite, becomes a leader, and Pym got put through the ringer for years. By the way, why does Giant-Man need antennae in his mask? Couldn’t he just have them at ant size, and when he shrinks, they pop out? I see he’s coming back as GM, but I hope this isn’t another run through the wringer for Hank.

  4. Billy

    @Randy- Have you read Mighty Avengers from a couple of years ago? It really showcased Pym for the quick thinking, great leader he is. If you haven’t read it, check it out for sure. Thanks for stopping by Randy.

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