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November 13, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Captain America #611

Captain America #611
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Daniel Acuna
Cover: Marko Djurdjevic

“The Trial Of Captain America pt 1”: After revelations in the last few issues, it’s time for James “Bucky” Barnes to man up and face the actions of his past. Zemo has let the world know that the man currently carrying the mantle of Captain America is a former assassin responsible for the deaths of many over the past few decades, known as the Winter Soldier. This news spreads and the press jumps all over it while the White House and the Avengers attempt to play damage control both internally and with the public.

This is a strong start for this new arc which has a steady but tense feel to it from beginning to end. It’s a very dialog driven issue, with the only action taking place with Bucky putting the hurt on some Neo-Nazis while lost in his own thoughts. So while he’s wondering about America’s issues, Brubaker sets up two very good scenes in the meeting at Avengers Tower and Steve’s private meeting with the President. Each one displaying a different type of view on the new Captain America’s predicament based on the relationships of the people involved.

Daniel Acuna’s art style is still growing on me and there were some panels that I just flat out didn’t like. However, there were several parts of the book where he nailed it. The conference scenes in the White House and the flash backs were some of my favorites, but I’m thinking it’s the backgrounds that kind of throw some of the visuals off.

Now, against my better judgment I went ahead and actually read the Nomad back up written by Sean McKeever with art from Filipe Andrade. The story involves Nomad and the Black Widow attempting to stop the creation of  human suicide bombers much like Nitro. About halfway into the story my thoughts mirrored Nomad’s as to why did Black Widow choose her for the mission? It’s not a bad story so far, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how Nomad handles the interrogation.

Brubaker’s Cap is one of the best books out if you ask me, and even if you didn’t I’d suggest it anyway. He’s impressed and raised the bar for quite some time now, and even I’m starting to see Bucky as a legit replacement for Steve as Captain America instead of just a place holder.

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  1. Billy

    Brubaker is the man! His Cap run is undeniably one of the best in comics for several years now.

  2. He’s definitely made me reverse my anti Bucky stance and I hope he keeps Steve out of the book as much as possible to let the new Cap find his own legs.

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