November 9, 2010

IDW Publishing / Exclusive! Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1 Preview

Coming out in January, but in Previews now, is the next installment of Peter David’s and J.K. Woodward’s Fallen Angel series!

This new chapter entitled Fallen Angel: Return of the Son, will be four issues, further exploring the religious ties to the seedy city of Bete Noir, and what that means for our heroine Liandra, the Fallen Angel. Check out the covers to issue #1, followed by our exclusive preview of what’s inside!

Hot damn I love J.K.’s art! Here’s what he has to say about the series:

“Liandra (she is the fallen angel the series is named after) and her son Jude, find themselves face to face with Enoch, son of Cain, the world’s first murderer. Those who are familiar with the series know that the city where it is set, Bete Noire, was founded by Cain and has been watched over by generations of magistrates that are direct descendants of his. So the original son of Cain returning here is HUGE! Those who have never read Fallen Angel, or even heard of it, will enjoy this mini-series as much as long time fans. Peter David has given readers everything they need to know in way that’s vibrant and entertaining to both old fans and new.”

Read the official solicit from IDW below:

“Once upon a time, Jude, the son of the Fallen Angel, was the greatest power in Bete Noire, before being brought low. Now he serves the needs of others while angrily remembering his glory days. But that may be about to change with the arrival of the ageless individual for whom Bete Noire was originally named-Enoch, son of Cain, has come to the city that Shapes the World, claiming that he’s capable of restoring Jude to his former glory… but what will be the cost to Jude… to the Fallen Angel… and to the rest of the world?”

I’ve been reading Fallen Angel since the beginning, and can’t wait for this arc; mainly because Jude will be one of the major players. The previous story line, Fallen Angel Reborn, guest starred Illyria from the Angel mythos, therefore pushing the usual supporting cast into the wings, and providing something very different from what fans were used to. However, in the story arc before that mini, stuff really hit the fan for our cast of characters, and to see where they are now will be a fun ride! Look for Fallen Angel: Return of the Son in January.

For more from IDW Publishing, click here. For a recent interview with J.K. Woodward, visit this link!

Andy Liegl



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  2. Billy

    Wow, what a great team! JK and Peter David (or as I like to call him- “Mr X-Factor”), are a dynamic duo!!!

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