November 6, 2010

Marvel/A.P.N.G. Enterprises Reviews: New-Gen #3 & #4

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Written by: Billy
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New-Gen #3
Writer(s): J.D. Matonti, Shaun Mclaughlin, & Andrew McDonald
Artist: Abdul H. Rashid
Cover: Alexander Cutri & Abdul H. Rashid

Continuing the story of the battle between Daedalus and Gabriel, we see a perspective in this issue where the writer switches back and forth from Gabriel and his lot, Deadalus and his minions, and then also to Earth. On Earth, two young boys are growing up, but feeling out of place. The feeling is more than the one felt by most adolescents, as it is a feeling of not belonging to this world. We see Gabriel feverishly training his young team of mutates, while in some dark place we also see Deadalus plotting the destruction of everyone. Throughout the entire issue one group starts a sentence or thought, and then it’s finished or mirrored by the other group. It’s really a fascinating way to read the story for sure, and I think it helps the issue transcend my personal expectations.


New-Gen #4
Writer(s): J.D. Matonti, Shaun Mclaughlin, & Andrew McDonald
Artist: Abdul H. Rashid
Cover: Alexander Cutri & Abdul H. Rashid

In issue #4, we see the plotting of Daedalus come forth, as he and his metalmites have found their way to a new dimension. He is there to conquer and kill, and it is up to Gabriel to stop him. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the young boys are being constantly bullied by a classmate that harbors feeling of jealousy because of the boys’ unique abilities in school and sports. This only leads to more scrutiny and tension for the boys at school. The stress seems to be almost too much for the young boys, even so much as to waken them in the early hours of the morning with nightmares. Back in the future dimension, Daedalus is slaying people left and right. Gabriel then sends one of his mutates to stop him. The mutate fights his way through Daedalus’s metalmites, but then is at a disadvantage in the brawl. Just as he thinks he’s doomed, reinforcements arrive and Daedalus looks like he just soiled himself.

Two solid issues right here, but the only thing that is not my cup of tea is the artwork. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it just is a little too cartoony for me. I think it might be either the backgrounds and/or the colors. This series is definitely worth looking into, though, in my opinion. Checkout the reviews of issues #1 & 2 here.

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I actually JUST finished reading these two issues and I’ve always liked when a writer uses the technique displayed in the 3rd issue. I think that if this comic is going to expand to either a cartoon series or a live action television show and the audience is going to be a young one, then the points that are hit in the 3rd issue will hit with the audience. Feeling out of place, bullying and mean ass teachers are just a few issues that all of us are hit with at that age and even beyond.

    The art is pretty good for me and it’s like watching a cartoon my only issue as I stated in the review of the first two books was that the backgrounds lacked and could have helped with the visuals a lot more with a bit more detail. It’s a pretty fun ride so far and Mini is a BEAST!

  2. Billy

    @Speech- Yeah, I thought this has been a good series so far too. Hopefully the ending will be action packed!

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