November 6, 2010

Ye Olde School Cafe’: Essential Tomb of Dracula vol. 1 pt 5

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Written by: Billy
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Hello everyone and welcome back to another week here in Ye Olde School Cafe’! This week, we’ll continue to follow the exploits of Dracula and his sinister motives to try and enslave the populace.

When we last left off, the team had confronted Dracula, but he had a surprise ready for them! He hypnotized a large group of children to attack the vampire hunters, knowing they won’t hurt or kill them. Dracula laughing all the while, tries to make a quick exit, but Quincy Harker uses his wheelchair’s special weapons to shoot a poison dart into the Count’s shoulder….

The team seems to have two choices – stand and fight children or find a way out of this haunted mansion. The team quickly finds a window and then Taj heaves Rachel outside. She comes back in and tosses Clifton Graves across the room for his trouble. She unlocks the door, and the team rushes out to the car. The kids are not too far behind, though, and at this point, Quincy calls his daughter Judith and tells her to contact his secret friend. Dracula is flying away wounded, but has an answer to this poisoning as usual. He crashes through the window of an old man who is a doctor, and also a vampire. Dracula commands him to help give him a transfusion to get the bad blood out of his system. The doctor agrees and then once he’s able, Dracula searches the residence for a certain item that the good doctor has in his keep. The device is a projector of sorts, that allows the user to raise the dead.

Next, we see the children from the house attacking the car with the team inside. As the children start to break in, a helicopter swoops down and scatters the children. It’s Edith with one of Quincy’s special agents there to rescue them. Meanwhile, Dracula begins to use the projector in the graveyard to raise up an army of the unliving. The doctor is watching, but gets surprised by his own daughter, who is visiting her mother’s grave. The creatures then try to attack the young girl, but the doctor grabs the projector and flies away with Dracula in hot pursuit. The two monstrous bats claw at each other rabidly, but in the end, Dracula gets the best of the doctor. He swats him out of the sky, but in the process the bat drops the projector and it smashes on the ground below. The doctor then gets impaled by a fence on his way down. The zombies disintegrate with the destruction of the projector.

We next see a fisherman reeling in something heavy from the sea. It’s Dracula, so fatigued from the transfusion, and then the fight, that he collapses. The townspeople take him to the morgue for obvious reasons. Once there, Dracula awakens to a crucifix hanging over him. After screaming in agony, Dracula makes his way out of the room, and breathes a sigh of relief. He is then approached by men who ask him what happened. Dracula then replays what just happened in the last couple of days. The local priest then tells the vampire that he can sleep in the church if he needs somewhere to stay. The Count refuses the invitation, but then gets an offer to stay with a young man and his mother. The young man, Dave, and his girlfriend escort Dracula to the home and then Dracula is introduced to something he has never been before in his life – kindness. At first, the Count doesn’t seem to be affected by this, but as the story wears on, he truly is learning the meaning of compassion.

Dracula is wakened the next evening by Dave pounding on his door. After being invited in, he explains to Dracula that he needs to leave this small town because he wants to see the world and all it has to offer. Dracula tries to talk him out of it, but they are interrupted by a scream from Dave’s girlfriend out in the street. She’s being attacked by two people vampirized by Dracula recently, but Dave tackles one of them and tries to stop him. The vampire overpowers Dave and goes in for the kill. Suddenly, Dracula grabs the vampire by the neck and commands him and the woman vampire to leave immediately. They do, and Dave then asks Dracula how he did that. Dracula tells him that it is done and to ask no more about it.

Later that night, word gets out about the incident, and Father Williams from the church thinks that Dracula is a demon. He gathers some of the townspeople and the lynch mob goes to the house and demands that they send him out. Dave goes outside and tells them that Dracula is gone, but then they see him flying away as a bat. They follow him to the woods nearby, but then encounter the two vampires from the earlier attack. The mob kills both of them and heads deeper into the woods in search of Dracula. They see Dave and ask him which way Dracula went. Dave points them in the opposite direction that he really went. Dracula thanks Dave and then tells him that he should join him, but Dave declines. Dracula lets Dave know that he considers him a friend and that he will always have his protection if he needs it. Dracula again thanks Dave, and then changes into bat form and flies away into the foggy night.

That is all for this week, but get ready or next week when we’ll follow Dracula onto a ship where he terrorizes as usual, but then we also will see the introduction of Dracula’s nemesis Blade! See you next week.

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Bet the X-Men wish they had the Fire Cross right now!

  2. Billy

    @Speech- lol, yeah really.

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