November 2, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con’s Cosplay Begins with Elvis and Ends with Cool Cars

Long Beach Comic Con 2010 took place this past weekend in sunny California! At the beginning of the weekend I encountered more cosplayers on the street outside the Convention than inside. Both were fine by me and for much of Long Beach, as we entered the Halloween Weekend!

LBCC can begin as Elvis is in the building with lightsaber

Don't know who or what it is, but gave me correct directions to the bathroom.

This is not a plastic Lou Feringo

Green Arrow and Black Canary rescue me from boredom

Hey, you can

Zatanna! with bunny

Then she made Marv Wolfman appear…from his Comic Writing 101 panel.

And then the Justice League arrived

Riddle girl and um…Well, they're cute. So there!

[Editor’s note: Tifa Lockhart from FFVII]

Batgirl and her superman just back from Iraq & Afghanistan

Who didn't want to be Kato?

Dr. Who with companion Amy Pond

I'm sure he'll vote Tuesday, so you should too.

"Escaped from seeing SAW3-D"

Then on Halloween, the Cars came out to play:

Bumble Bee from "Transformers"

Bumble Bee's face

R2 is someone's co-pilot…

…and yoda is his backseat driver "Drive like blind, you do."

Back to the Future's DeLorean aka "the snowmobile"- ask your parents

KITT: We will dominate humans–as soon as we get hands.

I think Ben Stiller still drives it

Pam Auditore



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  2. The vehicles are SWEET! I still want K.I.T.T. lol

  3. Billy

    Zatanna +1 🙂

  4. ken meyer jr

    I’ll take on Zatanna to go, please!

  5. ken meyer jr

    oops, I meant ‘one to go’

  6. Mac

    It looks like a lot of fun, but it’s so amazing to see so much empty space behind people. It reminds you of just how insane SDCC is.

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