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October 5, 2009

DC Previews: Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #6

This Wednesday will mark the end of Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! with issue #6, written by Matthew Sturges and art by Freddie E. Williams II. Here are a few pages to get you psyched up for this issue!

I cannot wait for this issue! This series has been the best of the Final Crisis Aftermath books. Sturges has done a great job writing the Human Flame. The character is absolutely hilarious while being ruthless at the same time. I also have to commend Williams for doing a great job with the art on this book. There is going to be one hell of a fight in this final issue that I am absolutely looking forward to seeing.

Jordan West



  1. I can’t decide whether I’m into this series or not. Regardless, I do like what has been done with the Human Flame character. He went from C lister to B lister with the potential to be greater. My favorite FC Aftermath series so far has been ‘Dance.’

  2. Infinite Speech

    I haven’t kept up with the aftermath because Final Crisis disappointed me soooo much. However if Firestorm and John Stewart are in this particular book I just might check it out

  3. billy

    The artwork looks good on this title.

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