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October 4, 2009

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Fathom Mini Bust: Aspen Matthews Black Armor Variant

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Showcasing Fathom’s stunning lead female heroine Aspen Matthews, this beautiful Exclusive mini bust is a sight to behold! Designed by artist Michael Turner, and sculpted by Erick Sosa, Aspen Matthews measures over 5″ inches tall from base to top. Fully painted and perched upon a clear resin bust with added bubble effects, each base creates a unique look all to its own! –

Manufacturer: Aspen Inc.
Released: 2007 (Limited to 500)
Retail Price: US $59.99 – 79.99

The main character from the popular Fathom series, Aspen Matthews is a hybrid of the Blue and the Black – two aquatic humanoid races. Raised in secret by her parents for the first part of her childhood, Aspen was then raised by humans, temporarily forgetting her heritage and becoming a marine biologist. Rediscovering her roots, Fathom rejoined her people, where she battles against “conquer all humans” mentalities.

BoxPackaging: Comes in a box showcasing the regular edition Aspen mini bust, the variant, and Kiani and Cannon Hawke mini busts. The trademark Aspen company and Fathom logos are present; shots of all four mini busts are scattered across the box, displayed on a tie-dyed mixture of yellows, blues, and greens with large black splotches

Assembly: None. Just take her out of the box and she’s ready to display.

Aspen Matthews in Black Armor

Aspen Matthews in Black Armor

The Statue: Standing 5” tall and just as wide, Aspen is clad in Black armor. Armor is a bit of a misnomer, as it really doesn’t cover her vital organs, but I’ll roll with it. For that matter, Black is misleading as well, as it’s more of a dark bluish-grey. Anyway, a neck covering leads into three shoulder guards on each shoulder that fan out, giving a nice spiky look. A short pinkish-grey cape follows behind with pointed armor pieces framing the sides. Aspen’s torso is partially bare; her breasts, back and side torso are covered in large scale-like armor, leaving her stomach and top of her chest exposed. Arms and legs are not sculpted; in case you forgot, this is a bust, so generally arms and legs are left out. Aspen’s torso is mostly depicted, as only her bottom is “un-sculpted,” meaning that it is painted black and given a rough texture. Her shoulders do the same, but are painted a flesh-tone, which I think is a good choice as it doesn’t detract from the armor and torso.

Aspen has her head turned slightly to the left and her flowing black hair is somewhat tamped down, making her look as if she just emerged from the water. One “wet” strand hugs her cheek, while another clings to her jaw-line. Her blue eyes and slightly parted, tinted lips show a soft expression, like she’s listening to something before she decides whether to kick butt or not. Aspen is perched atop a clear resin base, with bubbles scattered throughout. It’s cute, and ties into the water theme that the series is based on.

Rating: 4 out of 5; the paint job is sloppy in some places, bleeding quite badly. The base is cute, but I would happily have it shrunk down a little bit to give more detail to Aspen. Overall, it is a nice little bust of a very cool woman.

Looks good from all angles.

Looks good from all angles.

Kelly McNamara

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  1. Kristin

    I’m really rather creeped out by these things, for some reason. Well, not for “some reason.” It’s that they’re a floating torso.

  2. This looks awesome! I like how the base is made to look like H2O.

  3. Billy

    I was thinking thebase looked like a snowglobe.

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