October 4, 2009

Marvel Snapshot: Who’s More Overused-Wolverine or Deadpool?

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Written by: Billy
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Hello friends, and welcome to another installment of Marvel Snapshot. This week I’ll ask you a tough question; Who is more overused – Wolverine or Deadpool?

As I did some research on these two just to see which one of them has had phpThumbwolvie o40more appearances, I noticed they both have quite an extensive library. Now first off, I think both of these characters are great, and so is the whole Weapon X program to be more specific.

Let’s first look at Wolverine, who made his debut in 1974’s Incredible Hulk #181. Logan obviously has a head start on Wade, who didn’t appear until 1991 in New Mutants #98. Both of these guys are kinda cut from the same mold as far as them being killing machines, but after that they differ vastly in most other areas. While looking at just 2009 here, Wolverine has a pretty big edge in the face-time department. He currently appears in at least 9 ongoing series, plus all the limited series and one shots. Yeah, it’s that many! Deadpool on the other hand is only showcased in 2 regular books. So I guess speaking just statistically, Wolverine is way more overexposed.

phpThumbdeadpoolI personally haven’t bought any Deadpool since Secret Invasion. Not because of anything really besides I like other titles more, and I don’t have an unlimited budget for comics. I really like X-Force and New Avengers, two books that feature Wolvie on a consistent basis; whereas I don’t collect Thunderbolts and didn’t get to see that crossover with Deadpool. My personal opinion is that right now they are both being heavily overused. I think Marvel should just let them be in their own ongoing titles and keep the limited series, one shots and cameos to a minimum. Both characters are great at what they do, and Deadpool’s humor from what I’ve read in the past, and also what I’m hearing in the past couple of years, is absolutely hilarious.

OK, so let us put this to the test with a vote! Next week I am going to be discussing the subject of titles being cut. I personally have seen a few recently go down the tubes, and want to give my thoughts on which ones I thought should have stayed, and some that are still current that I think Marvel should dump. See you next time!




  1. Kristin

    Since Deadpool hasn’t bled into the two main Marvel titles I read (New Avengers and Captain America), I’m still going with Wolvie and Spidey being the most overused. Though Deadpool is certainly on the fringes.

  2. I voted Deadpool. I like his current ongoing, and the team up sounds like a cool idea, but Suicide Kings, Merc With A Mouth, and Games of Death one-shot seems like a bit much…

  3. marie

    Wolverine seems to be everywhere! Although I like his character, sometimes it’s too much.

  4. Jeff Jackson

    Deadpool is getting the Wolverine treatment lately. Way too many series. And I’m convinced that the reason he’s popular is that he’s the perfect cross between Wolverine and Spider-Man.

  5. Billy

    @Andy, I really want to start buying a Deadpool title again. So you think the main one is best?

  6. Infinite Speech

    there was a recent issue of wolverine that depicted how his week usually went showing him in various adventures either by himself or with the various teams he was a part of and it reminded me that this guy needs to be scaled back some. I do agree Deadpool is popping up more often now but he’s still enjoyable though that might wear off by the time the year is out lol

  7. @Billy: Yeah, I’d say the main one, ‘Deadpool.’ ‘Merc With A Mouth’ isn’t bad, but I’m not a huge fan of that zombie head character. The Team-Up book does sound hilarious, though.

  8. billy

    @Andy, I just read the preview book and it says that the same creative team behind Suicide Kings is doing the Team-up book as well.

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