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September 27, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: The Terminator: 1984 #1

The Terminator: 1984 issue #1
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Artist: Andy MacDonald
Writer: Zack Whedon

The first issue of The Terminator: 1984 hits stands this week, and at first I was a little nervous, completely loving parts of the last mini-series The Terminator: 2029,  but disliking others. How was I going to feel with this next chapter in the saga? The answer turned out to be it’s excellent! Already from the start I love this new chapter in Whedon and MacDonald’s reinvention of the Terminator world.

The tale continues the story from the end of  The Terminator: 2029, with Kyle Reese jumping back in time to 1984, with his friend Ben not too far behind him. Both Kyle and Ben make it to 1984, and their overlap ties in flawlessly with the first Terminator film, which was very cool.

Whedon does a great job writing this tale. He gives us an interesting side to these humans’ p.o.v. from 2029 who are suddenly in 1984. The pages of Ben briefly exploring this “strange” world are fascinating. The action is excellent and the story as mentioned brings everything full circle, connecting the last mini-series to this mini-series and the movie all in a single issue swoop. The art by MacDonald is also great, really capturing the vibe of the first Terminator film; Dark tones and colors, superior action, and an interesting lay out all pay off here.

The Terminator: 1984 is a great read and comes out on stands this week. Enjoy!

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Drew McCabe


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