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October 4, 2009

DC Reviews: Blackest Night #3 Review


Publisher:  DC Comics
Writer:  Geoff Johns
Artist:  Ivan Reis
Cover:  Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, Alex Sinclair


“Blackest Night” Pt 3: Keeping  the momentum and great story telling from previous issues, Blackest Night continues to be one of the greatest events in the comic industry!  It has been a pretty amazing ride so far, one that has yielded as many questions as it has answers within its plot twists and surprises. Which in turn have been bringing many heated debates all across comic sites everywhere!

Seeing that the story started off focusing on the new Firestorm, it sets you up for a pretty sick twist later on in the story when Jason and Gen, the current Firestorm, face off against former  Firestorm Ronnie Raymond, who is currently a Black Lantern!  Now as I mentioned in the Green Lantern # 45 review, Hal is in this book helping out his living friends on Earth, and trying to get some answers as to why he is fighting friends who have died while not getting killed himself.  With help from the Flash, Atom, and Firestorm, they’re barely holding their own when the timely arrival of the Indigo Tribe helps turn the tables on their shared enemy!  During a very brief reprieve, the Indigo Tribe leader reveals the key to stopping the Black Lanterns, while giving a bit of background information as well.  Too bad for Atom, Firestorm, and Flash; they teleport Hal away when the Black Lantern JLA come back for round two, and things go to Hell in a hand basket filled with gasoline!

Geoff Johns continues to gives us our money’s worth with a great story, and whether you like it or not, the death of certain characters have made the story a lot more interesting. His dialogue between Flash and Hal clearly shows that these two are more than just two guys fighting the good fight, but heroes that have been tested and come through the fires much better for it. As far as the art goes, Ivan Reis has provided the perfect visuals for this story, hands down. You couldn’t ask for a better artist to bring this story to life!  Well you could, but you would be hard pressed.  I’m always nervous that a story arc that encompasses so much like this one will either succumb to inconsistencies or just end on a flat note.  So far my fears have been set aside, and I along with many others are satisfied with what’s been given to us.

If you’re one of the few not picking up this title for whatever reason, add it to your pull list, or at least grab it in trade! You will not be disappointed in the least.

Infinite Speech



  1. […] looking to see Hal Jordan ring sling his way to victory here then you’ll have better luck in another book. The title character doesn’t make one appearance and the book carries on like it […]

  2. Billy

    Good review IS.

  3. Infinite Speech

    appreciate the look man!

  4. Yeah it was a good issue. You’re right too; Johns has done a fantastic job of keeping everything consistent between tie-ins.

  5. Infinite Speech

    i’m kind of a stickler for consistancey…i can’t stand it when in one issue a character’s mask is torn completely off and his costume has damage in then in the next issue everything is all nice and clean and it’s only seconds later? or when the story gets so convaluted you just put the book down and walk away lol

  6. […] body of Gypsy at the group.  Cue the fight and then guess what, we find that this will tie into Blackest Night in the next issue.. At least Vixen will understand why Firestorm and John Stewart didn’t show […]

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