October 6, 2009

Top Cow Reviews: Witchblade #130


Publisher: Top Cow
Ron Marz
Stjepan Sejic
Stjepan Sejic

“War of the Witchblades” Part six of six: By the end of the last issue, the Witchblade had been unified and the Angelus had chosen a new host body!  Too bad things didn’t quite work out the way some had planned, and there were still a few issues that needed to be dealt with.  Sabine, who is an Angelus warrior, had planned on becoming the new host, and Dani is bleeding out while Sara ended up becoming a tool for the Darkness.  When it rains, it pours!

Admittedly I thought the story was going to go a certain way after reading Withcblade #129, but Ron Marz decided that what he wanted to do was a little more important!  When the issue opens up, two Angelus Warriors are surrounded by an army of Darklings, and Sara is pretty proud of herself and about to put a permanent end to Dani.  Enter the new Angelus, and she is pretty ticked off that Sara has embraced the Darkness and thrown the Balance out of whack!  Sara is cautioned that since the arrival of the Angelus wasn’t accounted for, that maybe a retreat would be the best option. So against better judgment, she decides that killing the Angelus would be a better idea.  Telling anything more will just ruin it for you guys, so go pick up a copy and give it a read!

This arc wraps up and has something you may not get with other arcs: Finality!  Ron Marz ties up the loose ends and brings it all to a close almost perfectly.  There is one bearer of the Witchblade and a new Angelus when it’s said and done.  Some characters aren’t too happy with the outcome, but that’s what happens, and I enjoyed it!  We are allowed to move on with the next chapter in the tale, and see where the ripple affect takes us.

Sejic’s work in the issue was on point as usual.  The battle was just great, and the two page layout of the fight with Sara and the Angelus was stunning! I especially liked the little details, like having the Darklings run away from the light raining down during the battle.  Like I said in an earlier review, his style is growing on me, and it’s work like this that has me convinced.

So, even with me being very wrong about my predicted ending, I’m happy with the outcome of the story.  It’s pretty rare when an arc wraps up that doesn’t just open the floodgates for more questions; I’m glad this is one of those titles.

Infinite Speech



  1. I started reading this with part one. It was my first ventre into Witchblade aside from the live action TV show on TNT back then. lol. I really liked it and look forward to reading more witch blade. Also, I love Ron Marz.

  2. Infinite Speech

    maybe i was too hard on the TV series…I know it’s on DVD now, maybe i’ll give it another shot

  3. billy

    That cover is stunning. Really good artwork there.

  4. Is this a good jumping on point for a new reader, Speech?

  5. Infinite Speech

    Picking up this issue alone is like walking into a movie at the climax but issue 131 will begin an all new chapter in quite a few lives. I would definitely suggest picking up the entire War of the Witchblades arc though

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