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October 14, 2009

IDW Reviews: G.I. Joe #9 Review

joe09Publisher: IDW  Publishing
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: S. L. Gallant
Cover: Robert Atkins

“Yo Joe!!!”:  With the return of Chuck Dixon and familiar characters, the past 9 issues of G.I. Joe have been quite entertaining! This title has been through several relaunches, publishers, and revamps, but I must say that this one is one of the best! Maybe it’s because Dixon is writing and it’s got that familiar feel back, or it could be that I’ll give anything Joe related a try for awhile!  The story and characters have been updated a little to fit more with the modern times and political climate, and I guess you can say its grown up a little; Just like the audience that was reading G.I. Joe in the 1980s.

Since the first issue, we’ve learned that Snake Eyes has gone rogue and the only person he is in contact with is Scarlett. Both are trying to prove that Cobra is a legitimate terrorist organization, and both are under surveillance from General Hawk. The PITT has been invaded by a robotic sentry that ended up killing a couple of Joes and injuring more before it was finally taken down.  The Baroness has been sent by Cobra to Castle Destro to check on the progress of a weapon that was promised.  And to top it all off, Scarlett is in the brig in the middle of a court martial after being caught sending secret communications to Snake Eyes!

In this issue the Joes were finally able to trace the origin of the sentry that attacked the PITT back to Castle Destro. However it’s been evacuated, and the Joes are ambushed by a much larger model.  Destro is trying to come to terms that he is no longer a free agent and that he now works for Cobra whether he likes it or not.  Then later, Snake Eyes and Mainframe, who had left the Joes prior, are checking out a lead on Cobra to a particular town called Springfield. Hoping to get enough information to help clear his name and Scarlett’s, and prove that he’s not a traitor.  Things don’t quite go their way and in the end, Snake Eyes is lying in a pile of rubble after a surprise attack.

I realize that Chuck Dixon doesn’t do small arcs often. G.I. Joe arcs are usually long and filled with subplot after subplot. There is so much going on, but it all fits together and each event actually affects the others in a believable way.  I like the story so far, and even the origin tweaks are well done and don’t feel they were just rewritten for shock value.  There is still that tense triangle between Duke, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes, and we get to see how Baroness and Destro begin their “relationship.”  And with all of these familiar characters, there are new situations and ideas put into them to provide for a fresh new read.  As for the artwork, I’ll admit that I’d prefer Robert Atkins continue regularly as the artist, but S. L. Galant does a pretty good job. Some of the scenes feel a little rushed and the inks are heavy when compared to Atkins’ work.

I’m still not happy with the whole Heavy Duty/Roadblock switch.  I want the machine gun toting chef back on the battle field!  Hopefully this will be resolved at some point, but for now I’m happy with the direction G.I. Joe is going!

Infinite Speech



  1. WTF! Chuck Dixon has been writing this?? Where have I been?!?!

  2. billy

    Good stuff Speech. I bought a couple of Joe books for my kids but I can’t really get into them myself. I loooved the tv show and had tons of action figures but the comics just don’t appeal to me.

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    Don’t know Andrew but it’s worth checking out…it’s a slow build at first but well worth it.

    @ Billy, the comics were better than the cartoon!! Marvel’s run will always be classic until the entire line just got a little carried away.

  4. The only Joe comics I ever picked up was the Transformers/GI Joe crossover that took place in WWII. I loved it.

  5. In my opinion this series didn’t really start to get interesting until issue #7. I’m digging it now, I just couldn’t stand all the expo in the first arc.

    I still like Devil’s Due Publishing’s reboot the best though.

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