September 14, 2010

Image Reviews: Morning Glories #2

Morning Glories #2
Publisher: Image Comics/Shadowline
Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Joe Eisma
Cover: Rodin Esquejo
Price: US $3.50
Release Date: September 15, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

Hello, Comic Attackers!  I’ve got something extra hot for you today!  An advance look at the second issue of the RED HOT new series, Morning Glories!  That’s right, RED HOT!  The first issue has already had three printings and three instant sell outs!  If you can find it anywhere, GET IT!  It is well worth the money, too, as you get FORTY-FOUR pages of comic goodness for just $3.99 (US, of course)!

In the first issue, we were introduced to six students that were new arrivals to a very prestigious prep school.  Morning Glory Academy.  At Morning Glory Academy, they only take the best of top-notch students from around the globe.  What’s interesting about the six students we meet is that, on the day that they arrive, it also happens to be each of their birthday, and they are all sixteen now.  One of them calls home, and her dad angrily denies ever even having a daughter.  Something strange is definitely going on at this school.  Something that the students don’t know about, but they slowly start to find out that things are not as they seem.  For more from the Comic Attack staff on Morning Glories #1, check out the August 11 edition of Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews!

School is in session now, and the group of new students find themselves serving detention.  Each one of them got detention all on their own for witnessing things that they should have never seen.  The things they witness give more proof that there’s just something that isn’t right about this school.  Just being in detention isn’t enough as punishment.  Things take a turn for the worse.  I thought I had it bad when I got detention, had to write one hundred sentences, or stay and clean out the chalk erasers.  Thank God I didn’t go to Morning Glory Academy!

Nick Spencer is crafting a tale that gets more curious at every turn.  I’ve got to know what’s going on here!  Joe Eisma’s art does a fine job of portraying the “teen scene” as the students’ expressions and behavior are shown as if we’re watching something on television.

In all of the hype for this series that I’ve seen, I’ve seen it compared to Marvel’s Runaways.  I have no experience with Runaways, other than when they teamed up with the Young Avengers during Civil War.  I can’t tell you if that is an accurate description or not.  What I can tell you is that Morning Glories is good all on its own and stands on its own feet.

Be sure to pick this issue up when it hits, folks!  Who knows how long it will sit on the shelf!  If you see any printing of Morning Glories #1 lying around, tackle everyone in the immediate vicinity and snatch it up and stand victorious.

Aron White



  1. Can I use muay thai knee attacks to get them out of the way? Or will a dragon kick suffice Aron? lol Great write up man and I haven’t even heard of this series guess I’ve been out of the loop so to speak. Between you and Kris introducing me to new titles I may have to grab a second job lol!

  2. There is a bit of “Runaways” here, but it’s really in the interactions of teenagers thrown together against a common enemy. In Runaways, it was their parents. Aron, you need to check out Runaways, man. Seriously! It was the best original new series from Marvel since the X-Men debuted.

    Anyway, still haven’t gotten my copy of MG #2 from the LCS (because they didn’t order it…go figure), but I’m going to pick up the second print.

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