October 1, 2009

Review: Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression #1

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Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggressionghostbuster1

Publisher: IDW

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Ilias Kyriazis

Lettering: Neil Uyetake

In the first issue of this all-new Ghostbusters adventure, the ‘Busters have been defeated by the pan-dimensional demon lord Kozar’Rai – Father of Gozer. Each of the Ghostbusters have been dispersed through time. Dr. Peter Venkman is trapped in 1886, and has to figure out a way to find the rest of the Ghostbusters, and return to the present. If you were a fan of Ghostbusters the movie or The Real Ghostbusters the animated series, then you will love this comic!

***Spoilers Ahead***

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression starts off with a stage coach robbery being pulled off by a gang of ghosts. As in life, they are trying to strip the valuables from the riders, except now the valuables are the souls of the passengers. When things look bleakest for the passengers, Venkman shows up and delivers some proton accelerator justice. While Venkman is back in town enjoying some well deserved R&R, the mayor lets Venkman know about a demon emissary staying at the local hotel, and a train of a hundred demons on their way to exact revenge against Venkman. Apparently demons like to send telegraphs warning of their eminent attack. Venkman heads over to the hotel to see if he can gleam any information from this demonic emissary. Instead he finds himself in a fight for his life against a giant multi-headed cow demon. In the middle of the battle, Venkman gets a little unexpected assistance in the form of a former student of Egon’s, Rachel Unglighter. She has apparently re-tooled the ecto-1, allowing it to function as a time machine, and is rescuing the Ghostbusters one at a time. Venkman lets her know about the train full of demonic entities on their way to wreck havoc upon the town, and together they de-rail the demonic train.

***End Spoilers***ghostbuster2

I enjoyed this comic and even got a few chuckles from obscure 80s movie quotes in it. It is also pretty cool to see how the Ghostbusters have to adapt their equipment to work with the limited resources of each time-frame they are trapped in. Venkman has to jury-rig a containment device to store the ghosts that he has captured. In the last frame of the comic there is a preview of the next issue, with Ray fighting a dragon with a proton-powered sword.

Scott Andrews



  1. Ray versus a dragon with a proton sword!? Holy crapola!!

  2. billy

    This sounds way too wacky for me, but good article Scott.

  3. It’s a good comic I enjoyed it, It reminds me of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

  4. Infinite Speech

    aren’t the ghostbusters supposed to be wacky? wasn’t that the charm of the movie?

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