August 10, 2010

The Top 13 Cosplayers of SDCC 2010: The Winners!

The results are in!

Originally we only had two winners slated to claim victory in this contest, but since we had a tie for 2nd, and our sponsor was cool with it, we are giving out prizes to the top THREE winners! These winners of’s Top 13 Cosplayers of SDCC 2010 poll have their choice of a t-shirt from (details below). And here they are:

1. Zatanna! 31% of votes

2. Scout Trooper dad and his kid Jawas! 15%

2. Vampirella! 15%

For a selection of t-shirts available, please visit the Super Hero T-Shirts section of their site. Styles and sizes are only available as listed. Winners are required to forward their names and addresses to before being able to claim their prize. Prizes can be sent out only after contact is made via e-mail, so hit me up ASAP winners!

Now for the rest of the results:

4. Voltron- 10%

5. Chun Li and the Chick from Darkstalkers – 6%

6. Scorpion, Aphrodite IX, Black Widow, Symbiote Spider-Man – 5%

6. A Sith and Jedi find some common ground at Con- 5%

8. The hottest Jedi on the Con floor – 4%

8. Emma Frost – 4%

10. Poison Ivy – 3%

11. Elektra – 2%

12. Sailor Moon Ladies – 1%

13. Red X – 0% …but it’s ok dude, you’re still a winner in my book!

Thanks to the 131 voters for participating, and congratulations to all the Cosplayers who made it to the Top 13! We here at applaud your dedication to your craft and hope to see you again at San Diego Comic Con next year.

Who did you vote for?

For photos of all the Cosplayers we encountered at SDCC, see Group A, Group B, and Group C; also, to check out our complete coverage of the Con, visit the My First San Diego Comic Con page!

Andy Liegl



  1. Eli

    I voted for the Scout Trooper dad and his kid Jawas. Thats just too cool with his kids… “Utini!”

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  4. Aron

    Poor, Elektra….only 2%. Woe is me…

  5. I’m glad Zatanna won! woo hoo.

  6. Billy

    I demand a re-count! Elektra should have won.

  7. Ken Meyer Jr.

    Alright! Class, skill and beauty win the day!

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  9. Zatanna

    wow i can’t believe i won O_O

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