August 1, 2010

The Top 13 Cosplayers of SDCC Contest!

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Written by: Andy
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The results are in! Earlier this week we posted three batches of Cosplay pictures from this year’s San Diego Comic Con (Groups A, B, and C) and opened up the voting to you, our reading audience, on whom you believed was the best Cosplayer! The top 4 vote getters from each group advanced to today’s The Top 13 Cosplayers of SDCC contest poll!

All this week voting will be open for readers to state whom they think is THE BEST Cosplayer of the 2010 SDCC. The top two vote getters in this poll will win a t-shirt to be selected from (details below)!

We did have an anomaly with Group B as the 4th position was tied. As a result, I’ve decided to advance both Cosplayers through to today’s contest, changing it from the Top 12 to the Top 13!

So get voting and spread the word!

1. The Scout Trooper and his kid Jawas clearly won Group A with 20% of the votes

2. Voltron came in a 3 way tie for 2nd with Group A, netting 7% of votes

3. Red X was part of Group A's 3 way tie for 2nd, also getting 7% of the votes

4. The Hottest Jedi on the Con floor completed the 3 way tie for 2nd in Group A with 7% of the votes

5. Vampirella won Group B in a landslide, netting 40% of the votes and emerging as the clear favorite in the Top 13

6. Chun Li and the girl from Darkstalkers acquired 13% of the votes from Group B

7. Poison Ivy came in 3rd from Group B, getting 10% of the total votes

8. Zatanna tied 4th place with 7% of Group B's votes

9. The Sailor Moon Ladies had a late vote move them into a tie for 4th place in Group B for 7% of the votes, pushing them into the Top 13

10. Elektra had the most votes from Group C with 17%

11. Scorpion, Aphrodite IX (?), Black Widow, and Symbiote Spider-Man from Group C were in 2nd with 13% of votes

12. Emma Frost tied for 3rd from Group C with 9%

13. These Jedi and Sith found some common ground at Con and in Group C, tying with Emma Frost for 9% of the votes

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Prizes for this contest are sponsored by For a selection of t-shirts available, please visit the Super Hero T-Shirts section of their site. Styles and sizes are only available as listed. Winners will be required to forward their names and addresses to before being able to claim their prize. Prizes can be sent out only after contact is made via e-mail.

Check back in next Sunday afternoon when the winners are announced!

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Andy Liegl



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  2. The Angery Comic Critic

    Anyone else find it funny that all the chicks that made it to the top 13 are smoking hot?

  3. The Scout Trooper Dad with his Jawa children win on all counts. Great costumes, fun scene/pose, and a nice sentimental bow on top. Not surprised at all that Vampirella is mopping the floor with everyone, though.

  4. Dude, how did Voltron even get around. That costume looks like it’s wreaking havoc on the groin.

  5. Billy

    I voted Elektra. She’s slightly less slutty looking than Vampirella. The Sailor Moon chicks are hot too. Oh, and Emma Frost would be hotter if that dude wasn’t in the pic. 😀

  6. Ken Meyer Jr.

    I still think that Zatanna was gorgeous and well done! Funny, I thought the Stormtrooper was pointing his gun at some inanimate bags…I don’t know which is funnier…bags or the baby Jawas! And yeah, Vampi was a bit over the top…but true to the actual character, so I can’t fault her for that.

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  8. Rob

    It’s obvious people have been voting with their penises, LOL. I voted for the final picture, number 13. Purely because that guy’s Sith costume looks extraordinary! Especially the helmet!

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