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July 24, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Marvel Universe: Bullseye

Though he lacks superhuman abilities, BULLSEYE is far more dangerous than many powered individuals.  His skill with thrown weapons is unsurpassed, and his fighting skills are equal to those of even the most highly trained ninja in the world.  He makes his living as a freelance assassin, a job he enjoys a great deal.  Any edged or sharpened object instantly becomes a deadly weapon in his hands.

In English…Bullseye will kill you and then giggle about it in his diary.  He is the most psychotic villain the Marvel Universe has ever seen.  I have for you, today, Hasbro’s Marvel Universe: Bullseye.  Dealing with Bullseye is never a good idea.  You would be much safer if you were to sit on Hannibal Lecter’s lap and watch cartoons.  I will only warn you this one time.  This is the most disturbing, most violent installment of Gotta Have It! Figure Edition that has ever been done.  Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make eye contact with the subject.

Product Line: Marvel Universe (Series 1, Wave 1, #010)
Company: Hasbro
Released: March 2009
Packaging: Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy: Pretty much any retail store with a toy department.
Price: US $8.44 (Walmart)
Points of Articulation: 24
Height: 3 3/4 inches.


"The hell're you lookin' at?"

Paint Job: Oh, where to begin?  Seriously.  This paint job is crap.  About eighty percent of his costume is painted in a dark navy blue.  Painted in white are his boots, belt, gloves, neckline, and bullseye on his forehead.  The navy blue trim on each of those white parts is very light.  They bleed onto the white in many places.  He has a pair of playing cards in his left hand (more on this disappointment later) with the card backs painted in red.  This red bleeds onto his white gloves.  On his inner right thigh, he has a serial number painted in white that sticks out like a sore thumb on his navy blue costume.  The flesh tone on his exposed face is pretty decent except for his chin.  It is more of a beige.  It makes Bullseye look as if he either has a blonde goatee or went tanning while wearing a chin strap.  On his navy blue body, it has been painted in various spots and on muscle tone in a lighter shade of navy blue for a shadowing effect.  As you can see, it is very noticeable.  It looks random.  The costume would have been just fine without it.  Yuck.

Durability: Aside from this being a Bullseye action figure, the durability is one of the few things he’s got going for him.  As with all of the Marvel Universe action figures I’ve reviewed (other than Thor), he’s built pretty solid and sturdy.  There isn’t any fear of breaking him and the joints aren’t stiff from paint, straight out of the box.  Not having to pop the joints loose is a first for me in this particular line of action figures.  The joints also hold whatever position you put them in.  He has the standard peg holes in each of his boot heels.

"Pick a card, any card! I swear I'm not lookin' at 'em."

Poseability: I don’t think you understand this man.  Bullseye is a natural born killer.  He doesn’t have time for posing.  He only has time for killing people.  Lots of people.

"You're good, baby. I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic."






"TADA! See? Magic!"

Accessories: Bullseye comes with a machine gun and a dagger.  He can’t hold them both at once because his left hand is permanently holding an ace of spades and an ace of clubs.  That really sucks.  Hasbro should have thought about including another, empty hand to switch out depending on what you wanted to do with him.  Also, he can’t hold the dagger at all.  In the package, the handle of the dagger has a little plastic tube on it.  If you take this tube off and toss it before you get stuff figured out, he’s never going to be able to hold the damn thing.

Like every other Marvel Universe action figure, he comes with a “Top Secret” envelope.  Inside the envelope is a serial number to enter at (this feature has expired), and a card featuring the box art with Bullseye’s “Superhuman Registration Act” information on the back.  It lists his name, codename, vitals, and notes his abilities, talents, and his adamantium spinal column.  I have found that the cards that come with these action figures make awesome looking bookmarks.  If you’re a reader of things other than single issues of comics, hang onto these puppies!  Also in this envelope is a “Top Secret” S.H.I.E.L.D. Psychiatric Evaluation.

Attending the evaluation is Dr. Reed Richards.  Why Mister Fantastic is conducting this evaluation, I have no clue.  Richards states that “Bullseye is, by all accounts, a very disturbed, yet intriguingly complex individual.  While willing to express his background, almost none of what he says is the truth.  Nonetheless, his intelligence is above average.”  Regarding Bullseye’s mental state, Reed makes note that sessions with Bullseye are a waste of time, because he thrives on driving his evaluators mad with confusion.  Also, there is no point in medicating, counseling, or rehabilitating his troubled mind.  Lastly, Stretch notes that objects of any kind, even simple, ordinary items must be kept out of Bullseye’s reach at all times.  Even the most practical of objects becomes a deadly weapon in Bullseye’s hands.

"Wanna play catch with this stuff? Think fast! HAHAHA!"

What’s Awesome: I love Bullseye!  He’s my favorite villain of all time.  I try to snatch up any and all Bullseye merchandise I come across.  About this particular action figure, I think Hasbro’s decision to make him and the art card that comes with him are the best things from this offering.  It saddens me that I can’t brag about it more.

What Sucks: Do I really need to tell you?  His paint job, dagger handle, and poseability are all epic failures.  It was very difficult getting all of the pictures that I took. You’d have better luck convincing a hyperactive three-year-old that it was time to take a nap before you can get this Bullseye to stand still and hold a pose for any long period of time.  His balance is pretty much non-existent.  That’s a let down, because he has 24 points of articulation.  One would think that would be a source of all kinds of awesome poses to place him in on your mantle.  It’s not.  The fact that he doesn’t come with an alternate left hand is another let down.  I’ve only ever been disappointed in three things concerning Bullseye.  Bullseye’s Greatest Hits, Shadowland #1, and this action figure.

Overall: 1 out of 5.  I give this Bullseye action figure only one thumb up.  It exists.  That counts for the minimum score.  True, I had fun playing with this one, but the majority of collectors out there aren’t going to spend time having him slaughter the rest of their action figures.  If he’s left in the package he’s a much better piece, but his crappy paint job will still be on display.  Marvel Universe: Bullseye…gotta have it?  Only if you are a Bullseye freak like me, or you are trying to complete the set.  Otherwise, your money is better spent on the Guardian action figure that you can find plenty of because nobody wants him.

"Now wait just a damn minute! WTF is this!?"

Aron White



  1. Dude, I was cracking up reading this. Nice work on the fighting shots. Those pictures are freakin’ hilarious. Love the last shot the most though where Bullseye is looking at SHADOWLAND. lol

  2. Kristin

    Yeah, the serial number on his leg is a game killer. What the heck? That’s what the bottom of the feet is for. You can’t see it there.

    Also, ditto on the last picture. Very funny. 🙂

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  4. InfiniteSpeech

    This. Was. Awesome! This was one of the figures in the collection that I really wanted, maybe they’ll release a Shadowland version too!

  5. Aron

    Thanks, y’all! This was a ton of fun to do. An updated Shadowland costume in black (not Daredevil. Yuck.) would be pretty stinkin’ sweet! WITHOUT the serial number in white!

  6. Billy

    Awesome man! lol

  7. Aron

    Thanks, Billy!

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