July 27, 2010

Zenescope Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales #49

Grimm Fairy Tales #49
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Writer: Joe Brusha
Art: Claudio Sepulveda
Cover: Paul Roper
Variant Covers: Steven Cummings (B), Mike DeBalfo (C & D- San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives)
Price: US $2.99
Release Date: July 21, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

The Council of the Five Realms has met in Myst.  Among them: Thane…King in the realm of Oz, Blake…A realm knight from Wonderland, and Hakan (so THAT’S his name!)…Chief of the tribes of Neverland (although, didn’t he just die?).  Also on this council, as we saw them leaving Earth for Myst last issue, is Shang the Banderwolf and Sela Mathers.  The topic of discussion?  The Dark One.

The Dark One has been gathering his armies for quite some time, and Blake fears that an attack is imminent.  Shang questions how that could even be possible, because the Darkhorde cannot enter their realm or travel to Earth because traveling between realms has been difficult since most of the fairies have been slaughtered, portals are hidden and guarded, and artifacts have been lost.

There is a collection of energy that allows realm travel and it is currently under armed guard in Myst.  It is called The Casket of Provenance.  Blake suggests that the casket be destroyed.  This suggestion is met with mixed emotions and argument.  Sela has yet to chime in, so she is put on the spot.  Lacking confidence in her placement on the council and her ability to make important decisions as part of the council, Sela asks to sleep on it and she will have her decision in the morning.  The meeting is on hold until the next day.

The middle of the night comes.  It is halfway to Sela’s decision time, however, it is too late.  The Darkhorde has drawn first blood….

This was a really cool issue.  I like how this one makes it clear how some of Zenescope‘s other books fit into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.  I think that Grimm Fairy Tales #50 is going to be an awesome melee of epic proportions.  A Royal Rumble, if you will, of Zenescope characters.

I’m starting to get the hang of this story as it progresses.  Joe Brusha has a knack for twisting beloved characters and stories and breathing new, dark, and sinister life into them.  Go pick this issue up and swim through the back issue bins at your local comic shop for more Grimm Fairy Tales!  It’s getting exciting!

I would also like to point out that this issue was colored by none other than Comic Attack’s very own Jeff Balke!  Nice work, Jeff!

Aron White



  1. Jeff

    Thanks Aron! Yes it is..and wait til you see #50!! Its on! =)

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jbalke08, Aron White. Aron White said: There's a war coming! GRIMM FAIRY TALES #49! @Ravengregory @Jbalke08 #comics […]

  3. Aron

    No problem, Jeff! I’m looking forward to #50!

  4. Billy

    JB +1. Great job buddy!

  5. Jeff

    Aw yeah thanks Billy! The entire team at Zenescope pulls everything together to make a “hell” of a book =)

  6. […] Last issue, the Darkhorde drew first blood in the fairy tale land of Myst.  The piper Anslied appears and drains off power from the casket, and then disappears.  He’s off to give the portal opening power to the Dark One.  The Dark One then uses the power to bring his army to Myst.  Next destination?  Earth.  They must be stopped at all costs!  Of course, there’s a huge battle between good and evil.  Swords!  Shields!  Maces!  Magic!  Mayhem!  It’s an all out Royal Rumble!  Lives are lost on both sides.  Some, important players in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe up to this point.  Sela Mathers destroys the casket before the Dark One can get to it and go to Earth.  She then has to destroy her book, but destroying the book could mean the end of Sela herself.  Now the portals to Earth are gone, except for one sexy green fairy, Nissa…. […]

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