July 27, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 7/21/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews! Here you can find out what we at thought of this past week’s new books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics!

Amazing Spider-Man #638 (Marvel)
Andy: Not sure how the die-hard Spidey fans felt about this one, but I’m not one of’em and thought it was great!
Aron: The sequel to the single most powerful story arc in comics I have ever read, has just begun. It’s starting to tug on the strings again.

Atlas #3 (Marvel)
Andy: A great Marvel book you probably aren’t reading. Skip the issue of Deadpool this week and check this one out instead. Amazing art and a great story from Jeff Parker!

Avengers #3 (Marvel)
Aron: Excellent! Great mix of comedy and action. I love this book. Best Avengers book on the shelves.

Azrael #10 (DC)

Andy: The best issue of this run so far. I think the art has gotten better too.
Aron: Same dark action rooted in religion. Same beautiful cover. New writer. Why aren’t you reading this?

Batman Beyond #2 (DC)
Andy: Much better than #1. I really like where the story is headed and the look of the new Catwoman!

Batman Streets of Gotham #14 (DC)
Everything about this issue felt really random… I’ll just leave it at that.

Black Widow #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Natasha is totally a Russian James Bond. I never knew how bad ass she was.

Brightest Day #6 (DC)
So THAT’S why Miss Martian won’t be in JT Krul’s upcoming Teen Titans run!

Bullet to the Head #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Andy: I couldn’t make it through this issue. Maybe it’ll read better in trade, but I probably won’t find out.

Dark Wolverine #88 (Marvel)
Andy: Can Daken please kill FrankenCastle so we can stop saying the name ‘FrankenCastle’?

Darkwing Duck #2 (BOOM!)
Andy: Way more interesting than the first issue. I feel like I’m watching the cartoon all over again!
Aron: Much better than first issue. We’re getting somewhere now. Let’s get dangerous!

DC Universe Legacies #3 (DC)
Andy: This series started out hot but has since fizzled out. This issue was a snooze fest.

Deadpool #25 (Marvel)
Andy: Well that was a big bag of pointless…kind of like this entire series.

DV8: Gods and Monsters #4 (Wildstorm)
Andy: Probably my favorite issue so far. I’m slowly liking it more and more.

Finding Nemo #1 (BOOM!)

Aron: Decent. Mainly for my son though. It made him laugh out loud, so it’s a good comic.

Futurama #50 (Bongo)
Decapitated Dan: GOOD NEWS  EVERYONE! 50 issues and still just as strong as the show!

Green Hornet #6 (Dynamite)
Andy: This series keeps on getting better. I hate that I dig it so much!
Aron: Haha! This issue was crackin’ me up! Great stuff! Good joke on the ’89 Batman movie!

John Constantine: Hellblazer #269 (Vertigo)
Aron: Weird and good. Good and weird.

Justice Society of America #41 (DC)
Andy: Yep, I could care less about this Star Heart story line. Read about half the issue then thumbed through the rest. Even that took too long.

Neonomicon #1 (Avatar)
A really cool crime fiction story with a mystical twist. Check it out if you skipped on it.

New Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Andy: One big battle royale! Kick ass!!

New Mutants #15 (Marvel)
Andy: A great issue, maybe the best of the series so far. Lots of enjoyable character moments. Zeb Wells is the man.
Jeff: Loved the down time for the team and am intrigued by the demon soldiers.

Pale Horse #2 (BOOM!)
This series should be called “BAD ASS HORSE” because that’s what it is!

Prince of Power #3 (Marvel)
Amadeus Cho came out of the woodwork and has become one great character. Go Amadeus!

Resurrection #13 (Oni Press)
Andy: Just when this series was finally getting good it goes on a hiatus. Lame.

Supergirl #54 (DC)
Andy: I never read this title, but I’ve always liked Supergirl in the Teen Titans. This issue was solid and a great jumping on point for new readers!

Thunderbolts #146 (Marvel)
Another great issue of this new direction for the T-Bolts. Sucks seeing Juggernaut get owned so easily though.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1 (DC)
Andy: Hey Rip Hunter, can I go back in time to get the 15 minutes I spent reading this back?

Ultimate Avengers 2 #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Meh. I want more Punisher and less Ghost Rider.
Decapitated Dan: I’m getting bored fast. Good thing there is one issue left.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #3 (Marvel)
A well written issue, and as long as the people who died stay dead I’m satisfied.

Walking Dead #75 (Image)
Andy: Rick NOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriously, I’m on the edge of my seat again with this series! The color backup story was fanboy heroin.
Jeff: It wasn’t delivered to my LCS, but I still wanted to chirp it. I can’t wait to read it!

X-Factor #207 (Marvel)
Andy: The last page is worth 1,000 words. I was wondering when this confrontation was going to take place!
The ending was overhyped, but this was still a good issue.

Zatanna #3 (DC)
Andy: Well that mediocre opening story arc got wrapped up pretty quickly. What’s next?



  1. Aron

    Good to know I didn’t miss anything by not picking up Time Masters. Actually, my LCS was sold out or I would have. Whew!

  2. Eli

    Yeah Andy, I’m also a little down about Juggy not kicking as much a$$ as before. I’m sure its only temporary though.

    And I keep avoiding it, but I guess I really need to check out Green Hornet, everyone seems to love it.

  3. 🙁 I sooooo need to get my books!

  4. Jeff Jackson

    I really hope Walking Dead is in my box next week…

  5. Billy

    New Avengers and New Mutants were great. I was a little let down by X-Factor though.

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