July 17, 2010

Th3rd World Studios Reviews: The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #1

After months of anticipation we are finally presented with the opportunity to read the next chapter of Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III’s original and enticing tale, The Stuff of Legend! The series is published by Th3rd World Studios and the first issue of volume 2, entitled “The Jungle”, was released this past Wednesday; in short, it’s spectacular.

The story begins with the MacGuffin, the Boy. He was abducted by the Boogeyman way back in the very first issue of the series and we haven’t seen him since. Here, he’s being held prisoner in the twisted realm of The Dark, locked up in a room with contorted versions of his toys. It’s creepy.

We then cut to our ragtag group of toy heroes who are set on finding the Boy: Max the bear, Jester the jack-in-the-box, Percy the piggy-bank, Quackers the wooden duck, the Indian Princess, Harmony the music box ballerina, and the Boy’s real life dog (who isn’t a toy). They’re being pursued by bounty hunters of the Boogeyman and a fierce battle quickly ensues! The combat is bloody and intense, but one of the enemy combatants survives, escaping into the woods in an effort to inform the Boogeyman where their quarry is hiding. At the behest of the traitorous Percy, the crew allows the bounty hunter to flee without pursuit…

We then cut to the headquarters of the Boogeyman where his general is trying to figure out the location of the Boy’s toys. The Boogeyman grows impatient, but the general of his army soon learns that Percy and his friends have fled into the Jungle…a place that is stained with the blood of past wars, and is the residence of the most feared creatures in the land! And this is where the issue really takes off!

I absolutely love this series. I was swept away by it after reading #1 of the first volume, and this third installment was an excellent addition to the saga. I was eagerly awaiting this chapter, as the previous issue was more of a clever mind screw but light on action. In this issue though, we are treated to battles and brawls galore, as Charles Paul Wilson III’s visuals entice you into the menacing world of The Dark! The only awkward moment was the revelation of the love connection between the Jester and the Indian Princess. It felt kind of, I dunno, weird. Regardless, Mike Raicht and Brian Smith tell an adventurous tale that’s best read by your bedside, maybe to your kid if you’ve got one to tuck in at night.

My man, Jester, kicks all kinds of evil toy ass!

The Stuff of Legend does a fantastic job of bringing out your inner child; bringing you back to a time when your imagination was the best movie theatre. A time when you believed your toys would come to life and defend you if a burglar┬ábroke into your home, or if those creepy aliens came to wisp you away amongst the stars. It’s awesome.

Oh, you know what else rocks the party? The fact that the previous two issues were $4.99 and this one’s only $4.25!

For more on The Stuff of Legend, click here! Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the creators of The Stuff of Legend, and look for issue #2 in September 2010!

Andy Liegl



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  2. billy

    Sounds like another hit from these guys. I’m glad to see a small publisher put out a great book and get recognized for it!

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  4. I was glad to start reading this series again and this issue was pretty good. I hate that damn pig though lol

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