July 3, 2010

Ye Olde School Cafe’: Captain America: War & Remembrance pt 3

Hey everybody, welcome back to part three of this exciting look into the life of Steve Rogers – The original Captain America, In Ye Olde School Cafe’! In this week’s column, we’ll be checking out Cap as he battles against two of his long time foes as they team-up to try and out muscle Cap. It’s time to see Mister Hyde and Batroc the Leaper take on the star-spangled Avenger himself! Now, on to part three of Captain America: War & Remembrance.

Our story begins with Steve on a rooftop looking out over the New York skyline. He’s remembering how the city used to be and how drastically it’s changed. He recounts his being awakened from an icy prison after being found by Namor in the Arctic, and his newfound friends, the Avengers. As Steve quickly finishes reminiscing, we see a ship moving ever closer to Ryker’s Island Prison. The men aboard are there for one reason only – to help one Dr Calvin Zabo, A.K.A. Mister Hyde, escape! They do their job well by stifling the guards with knock-out gas, and then using a bazooka to blast open the cell door. Hyde is drugged out of his mind, so the thugs have to carry him out and remark about his weighing as much as an elephant.

Next, we see Hyde waking up aboard the ship that freed him. He sees his accomplice, Batroc, and the two discuss their devious plans. Meanwhile, Steve is at his apartment trying to romance his new neighbor, Bernadette. After he leaves his apartment, he learns of the breakout at Ryker’s and decides to investigate. While Cap is trying to figure out what the escapee might be up to, a gas tanker is being boarded by Batroc, Hyde, and their hired goons. After the gang overruns the crew, they call the offices of the gas company, and tell them they want a billion dollars or the tanker will be thrust right into New York harbor and blown up! The company agrees to their terms, which also include a hostage named Captain America. Cap agrees, and sets off on a barge to meet the fiends.

The barge that Cap is sailing on arrives at the tanker, and Hyde and Batroc get aroused at the site of many crates they think are filled with the ransom. Little do they know, some of the crates are filled with traps that start pumping out knockout gas. Batroc immediately lunges at Cap, but gets a right cross for his trouble. Cap doesn’t realize though, that creeping up behind him is Hyde, and he lays a beating on Cap, who underestimated his strength. It takes all the strength Batroc has to stop Hyde from killing Cap, and convincing him to kill Cap in a more humane manner. The two villains decide to tie Cap to the front of the tanker that is heading straight for the harbor.

While Cap is tied to the front of the vessel, Batroc and Hyde taunt him, and then try to destroy his shield. Cap tells them it can’t be bent or broken, and Hyde then tries with all his might but can’t get it done. Out of frustration, Hyde tosses it over the side of the tanker. Cap is desperately trying to free himself, because he knows if he doesn’t get free, New York is finished. He struggles, and then uses the side of the boat to help break the chains that are binding him. Aboard the ship, Hyde is telling Batroc about his last humiliating defeat to Cap, about his incarceration and subsequent plans for escape. The whole time, Batroc is thinking about Captain America being killed along with the residents of New York in such a callous manner. He tells Hyde to stop and just take the money and escape, but he refuses. Batroc then decides to try and physically subdue Hyde. He tries every martial arts move he knows, but none can do more than bother Hyde. Hyde then tosses Batroc through a window and starts to crush him in a bear hug.

Unknowingly, Cap has not only escaped from his chains, but also regained possession of his shield that was tossed over. He slings his mighty shield at Hyde and hits him right in the shoulder. Hyde is temporarily hurt, so then Cap and Batroc both attack Hyde in hopes of taking him down. The two men struggle to stop Hyde, and when they both start to realize he might not be stoppable, Cap throws his shield right at Hyde’s face. The shield connects, but only staggers Hyde. The monster then tries to rip a pipe off of the wall, but it releases liquid gas that freezes Hyde right in his tracks. Hyde tries to move inside the icy prison, and ends up falling overboard. Cap jumps over to try and find him, but cannot in the murky waters. In the confusion, Batroc tries to get to the mini-sub that was for a quick get-away, but Cap and the harbor patrol are one step ahead of him and take him into custody.

Well, that’s it for this installment of Captain America greatness! Tune in next week for the conclusion to this fantastic book. Next week will feature a trip to England and the return of Baron Blood! Don’t miss it!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Can never have too much Cap! I remember the Cap for Pres storyline but I wasn’t too impressed with the villian choices in these particular issues. I couldn’t stand Hyde and Batroc seemed more like a waste and not living up to what I read about him in those Guide to the Marvel Universe books.

  2. Billy

    @Speech- I’m not a big Batroc guy either. Hyde is OK though. The next villain is one I think is cool though. 😀

  3. I remember as a kid when I first saw Batroc I thought the name read “Batroc the LEPER” lmao! I figured that would be a sick power but then I found out it was LEAPER and…well…yeah he was more of a joke to me.

    He was actually kind of cool when he popped up in the recent issues of Cap

  4. Billy

    @Speech- Batroc the “Leper” does sound a lot scarier. LOL!

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