July 2, 2010

Top Cow Previews: Artifacts #1

For several months now here at, we have been spotlighting certain books that will factor into Top Cow’s thirteen issue crossover event Artifacts! The entire series will be written by Ron Marz and will include art by Michael Broussard for the first four issues, with other artists to be announced later, and a special guest artist for the final installment of the series. Well, here we have a five page preview of what Marz and Broussard are going to bring to the table starting later this month as Artifacts kicks off!

Not to be too obvious here, but there are thirteen Artifacts of Power, and while separately they are quite deadly, bringing all thirteen together will bring about the total destruction of mankind. This event will feature some of the largest names on the Top Cow roster, from Witchblade to Darkness, along with the Angelus and Magdalena as well. The events that take place in Artifacts will have severe consequences throughout the TCU (Top Cow Universe) for some time to come. A nice jumping on point for any of the newer fans, and plenty of excitement for the longtime fans of the various Top Cow titles, Artifacts should be an event worth checking out!

For more Artifacts and Top Cow check here!

Infinite Speech



  1. Aron

    This stuff looks awesome! It makes me wish I didn’t jump off The Darkness and Witchblade back in their early days when back issues were outrageously priced and very hard to come by.

  2. Aron

    Question, though. Everyone says the Marz stuff is the place to jump on. Still a long time ago, but did it reboot or something? Does the Garth Ennis Darkness stuff not “exist”?

  3. Infinite Speech

    It’s not a reboot as much as the book was transitioning and Marz was putting his stamp on it. The first Vol of his run in trade is 5 bucks so it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re interested. Now with Darkness the series was renumbered and as far as I know nothing has been retconned, and the first Vol of that is also 5 bucks. Gotta love those prices lol

  4. Billy

    Sounds really cool. That Magdelena book is something I looked at but didn’t pull the trigger on. Hopefully I’ll get it in Tpb.

  5. ed

    Artifacts will be huge and if u r in LA stay tuned for a big announcement right before san diego comic con

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