May 31, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Secret Avengers #1

Secret Avengers #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Mike Deodato
Cover: Marko Djurdjevic
Variant Covers: Marko Djurdjevic, Mike Deodato, & David Yardin
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: May 26, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Minor Spoilers***

America’s new “top cop”, Steve Rogers, has assembled a team of heroes for stealth tactics and preemptive intervention missions.  They go where they are needed and perform surgical strikes without anyone knowing who they are.

The team Rogers has assembled consists of: Black Widow, Valkyrie, Beast, Moon Knight, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, War Machine, and Nova.  Sharon Carter has been signed on to pilot and hold down the fort when the crew is out secret missioning.  What else is the boss’ girlfriend to do?

They are on the hunt for the Serpent Crown.  They thought they nabbed it in Dubai with Black Widow and Valkyrie on an undercover mission but, as it turns out, it wasn’t the crown they were looking for.  It wasn’t a total bust, though.  The object is quite curious.

Roxxon Oil had bought mineral rights to Mars and have been recently digging on the planet.  The operation seemingly disappeared from the books after they recorded finding a Serpent Crown.  Nova was dispatched to Mars to investigate.

Rogers lost communication with Nova and has assembled the group to embark on a rescue mission to Mars aboard a Kree warship.  There’s trouble at home, though, as there is another mysterious tactical group after the serpent crown.

It has been awhile since Ed Brubaker, master of action and intrigue, has piloted a brand new Marvel series and he does so here in stellar fashion!  His partner in crime for this undertaking is none other than Mike Deodato.  Deodato’s dark, elegant art is no stranger to Moon Knight or the (Dark) Avengers so this pairing is a no-brainer.  Brubaker and Deodato, together, are their own dominating strike force.

The cast for this series is freakin’ awesome!  I’m glad to see the spotlight being shined on Moon Knight and Valkyrie, and this series could be the push Nova needs to show the mainstream fans just how cool us Cosmic Junkies already know he is!  Score one for Marvel Cosmic!  I’m also stoked that the Eric O’Grady Ant-Man is part of the group.  Even though he was a member of Osborn’s Thunderbolts, I think he has been underused and under appreciated ever since his own series, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, got the ax.  He’s sporting the classic Hank Pym costume, although I wish he could have kept his own version of the suit.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Shhhh! Not so loud!

I hope you grabbed this issue.  If you didn’t, you should do so quickly.  It totally lives up to all the hype it had leading up to Marvel’s Heroic Age!  After you see what happens on the last page, you’re going to add it to your pull list because this is going to be one wild adventure.  Thank you, Mr. Brubaker and Mr. Deodato!

Aron White



  1. Grabbed it. Loved it. “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Shhhh! Not so loud!” lmao!

  2. i wish there was always a movie version of every hit Marvel book. and some nerd bazillionaire banking every single one with no expense spared.

  3. billy

    Great review Aron!

  4. Aron

    Thanks, Billy!
    I agree, grifter. A Secret Avengers movie would be sweet!

  5. This roster is insane. I love it!

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  7. Yeah, this issue was everything I’d hoped it’d be!

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