May 18, 2010

Crisis of Infinite Reviews: 5/12/10

Howdy folks! This here is the first of my weekly reviews that are all going to be DC comics. There aren’t always going to be this many books to review, but I promise to keep you entertained anyway. They’re pretty much your run of the mill reviews, short and simple, enjoy!

Spoilers Ahead!

Batman #699
Tony Daniel
Guillem March
Cover Art:
Tony Daniel

There’s a murderer on the loose and it appears his latest victim is the Riddler, or as he recently prefers to be called, Private Eye Edward Nigma. Intoxicated with a cheap version of Joker’s toxin, Nigma’s not much of any help to Batman or the Gotham PD. Firefly, on the other hand, proves to be talkative enough for the both of them as he narrates just how he, the Riddler, Blackspell the Magician, and a gang of recently murdered men came together in an effort to siphon money from Gotham’s A-list villains. Batman decides to take a look at the last crime scene one more time and happens to uncover one bit of information that had gone unnoticed the first time around, there were two victims. I don’t want to give too much away, lest you decide there was no longer a reason to read it now that I’d given away the ending, but it’s safe to say Gotham just got a little less safe, no question about it. Tony Daniel’s run as writer comes to an end with this issue and while I will be happy to have him still do the artwork, I can honestly say that I am a little sad. The issue was great, much like Tony Daniel’s run has been. Since Bruce’s “death” this title has been all about Dick’s ability to wear the cowl and be Batman, culminating with this issue wherein the Detective aspect to Dick finally got a bit of face time. 4.5/5

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
Grant Morrison
Chris Sprouse
Cover Art: Andy Kubert
Publisher: DC

Bruce is trying to find his way home after being sent backwards in time. Unable to coherently form sentences, Bruce finds himself in the middle of two warring gangs of cavemen. While he does end up saving a cave boy, he gets himself captured and is subsequently rescued by the cave boy. Bruce then truly becomes the “Man of Bats” when he puts on the carcass of a recently murdered giant bat. With a little help from his utility belt, Bruce and the cave boy escape from trouble, only to have Bruce transported hundreds of years into the future. Unbeknownst to Bruce, however, Superman, Green Lantern, and Booster Gold are traveling time and space to find him before he finds his way home. I liked how this issue had Bruce stripped down to the barest of elements and still come out on top, showing that the essence of the Batman is a part of who he is. Becoming the “Man of Bats” was a nice touch and a great play of words and ideas. I thought it was odd that Superman and friends made an appearance, but I’m sure that will all be explained in later issues. 4/5

Batgirl #10
Bryan Q. Miller
Artist(s): Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott
Cover Art: Stanley “ARTGERM” Lau
Publisher: DC

Calculator’s back and he’s looking to stir up some trouble for Oracle. In an effort to separate herself from Batgirl, Barbara has shutdown Oracle for the time being. I’m a tad bit perplexed with what the writer is trying to accomplish having Stephanie Brown flirt with the detective, considering he and Barbara have been doing some flirting of their own. Through the use of some technology left over from the events of Final Crisis, Calculator has been able to turn everyone who’s been accessing the internet into mindless zombies with only one mission, capture Oracle. The idea of technology based zombies is a somewhat fresh approach on the topic and I am certainly interested to see how Stephanie will fare against techno-zombie Catwoman, Huntress, and the Man-Bat. 3.5/5

Superman: War of the Supermen #2
Sterling Gates and James Robinson
Eduardo Pansica and Wayne Faucher
Cover Art: Eddy Barrows
Publisher: DC

The war rages on or is it just beginning? If you’re just joining in, General Lane has blown up New Krypton and Zod has declared war. I applaud whoever decided to make this a four-issue weekly event. The fast paced story is complimented by the frequent release dates, as it helps to maintain interest in what is looking to be a fairly decent read. Supergirl and Superman dish it out a bit before concluding that it was their job to save everyone. Back on Earth Lois Lane has been kidnapped by her undead sister Lucy, while Superboy, Nightwing, and the rest of the “Super”-friends get ready to level one of America’s most recognizable monuments while on a mission to save Natasha Irons. I can’t say I completely understand why 5 super powered individuals need to be on a simple rescue mission. I did enjoy seeing some of Zod’s men get in a bit of revenge before the sickeningly good Superman made his way there to stop the violence. 4/5

Adventure Comics #11
James Robinson co-feat. Sterling Gates
Bernard Chang co-feat. Travis Moore
Cover Art: Mark Buckingham
Publisher: DC

Accompanied by Mon-El, The Legion makes their way across the universe. The Legion, making a stop to unleash just one bottled city, eventually return to the 30th century. Mon-El, however, is enlisted to travel the galaxies and find planets suited for each of the bottled cities. We learn that while Mon-El had been captured by General Lane, he had become aware of the existence of a female Daxamite that had also been captured. After rescuing her, Mon-El puts her on his ship and sends her back home. Just as his illness is about to overcome him, Chameleon Boy appears and informs him that he needs to go back into the Phantom Zone because there was more in store for him in the future. In other parts of space and time Brainiac 5, with the assistance of Brainiac 2, transport Brainiac to Colu, where he’ll be kept in captivity. The issue tied up some loose ends and opened the door for the next story, though I don’t think I’ll be here for that. 3/5

The Flash #2
Geoff Johns
Francis Manapul
Cover Art: Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC

Barry Allen a murderer? Again? The Reverse Flash Task Force seem to think so. With a dead body in the streets, Barry Allen is dealing with the murder both as a superhero and a lab technician. First, five cops resembling alternate versions of Rogues from the future have burst into town looking to arrest the Flash. Unfortunately for these guys, the Flash is just too smart for them. He’s able to outsmart them and in the process they get whisked back to the 25th century. Unfortunately, their immediate departure rips apart an apartment building. The Flash not only saves everyone, but is also able to rebuild the building in mere minutes, if that, disregarding the fact that this isn’t particularly plausible. This is looking to be a great title. It’s light and fun with some great story telling and amazing artwork. And the final page looks like Barry will have his hands full in the near future. 4/5

Arnab Pradhan



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  2. So you finally settled on a title. I like it.

    Having only read one of these titles, though, I’m not sure what to comment on though. Other than I want to know what Supes meant when he said if Bruce makes it back everyone will die. Unless I completely misread that.

  3. Great write-up Arnab, welcome to the family!

    In The Return of Bruce Wayne, I didn’t read it as Bruce speaking gibberish, rather, I took it as the cavemen not being able to understand the language Bruce was speaking…which was probably English.

    It makes sense- the story is told from the POV of the cavemen, and there are no “<>” in their dialog, which is typically used to tell the reader a different language is being spoken. Naturally they wouldn’t understand English since, to them, the language hasn’t been created yet, so it sounds like gibberish!

  4. You know, I didn’t even notice the “”. That actually makes a lot of sense. My initial thought was that he was disoriented and could not speak coherently. Granted, that was more a result of my not knowing what effects accompany the Omega Sanction.

  5. Arnab, this ( will explain a lot. Best thing anyone can read if they liked (or did not “get”) the latest Morrison masterpiece.

  6. Hey, that’s awesome Collector’s Paradise! (I’m not sure who I’m talking to)

    @Matt- Great seeing you here. That’s the way I read it, regarding Superman. You read two titles, but really you should be reading more Bat titles. Especially Batman!

  7. Billy

    Welcome Arnab! War of the Supermen and Flash sound like good reads! 🙂

  8. Arnab – it’s Ed, the store owner 🙂

  9. What’s up Arnab! Great write ups and the Flash is looking like a good title so far

  10. Hey Ed, Billy and InfiniteSpeech!

    The Flash title has got Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul at the helm. I loved their run on Adventure Comics and believe they will do well here. War of the Supermen has been pretty good, but for a book with the word “War” in its title, there really hasn’t been all that much action.

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