May 10, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010 part 2!

Saturday, May 1st was Free Comic Book Day and the team documented their experience with unique photos taken at their LCS’s from across the country! In part 1, we went from Ontario, Canada down to Georgia, and ended up in Arizona, making a few more stops in-between. If you keep heading west from AZ, you’ll find Collector’s Paradise in Canoga Park, California- just a few miles outside of downtown Los Angeles. They celebrated FCBD with panache having a professional balloon artist in the store, the real Spider-Man, and guest appearances headlined by Top Cow founder/fan-favorite artist Marc Silvestri and the legendary writer Marv Wolfman- but more on those two guys later!  So get ready to experience Free Comic Book Day- Collector’s Paradise style!

Even after opening a 1/2 hour early, Collector's Paradise was already packed!

"They're free!?"

Now THAT'S Spider-Man!

This is the best moment of that little kid on the left's life!

Hey! That guy works for BOOM! Studios!

Woah! Who's that guy?

The Hero Initiative charity was present (see that guy with the 'H' on his t-shirt?), raising money for their cause!

Even Spider-Man needed to get his fix!

Spider-Man and Collector's Paradise owner, Ed Greenberg.

Check back in tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day 2010 part 3 where we’ll meet the special guests who signed at Collector’s Paradise, followed by the amazing sketches they produced! Click here to check out everything Free Comic Book Day!

Andy Liegl



  1. Billy

    That must have been something to hang with Wolfman… 🙁

  2. So Spidey lost his job and now he’s hangin’ with Andy…how the mighty have fallen 🙁

  3. […] off a handful of comic shops from across the country and what their store was up to during FCBD. In part 2 we stopped by Collector’s Paradise in Los Angeles, and today we’ll meet the special […]

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