May 10, 2010

Th3rd World Studios Reviews: Omega Chase #4

Publisher: Th3rd World Studios
Writer: Keith Dallas
Artist: Julio Molina-Muscara
Cover: Ryan Drake

**Minor Spoilers**

“The Physics of Physicality”: It’s been a while since we’ve checked out Omega Chase, but I was fortunate enough to grab the fourth issue from Keith Dallas at the Albany Comic Con last month and was ready to dive right back into the adventures of Mack Baron.  It’s been a pretty wild ride for Mack, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon; it seems as if maybe things are getting out of hand as he slightly loses it in this issue.

Mack is alone in a room with the Minotaur and is on the wrong end of a beat down, so it’s a good thing his crew comes in and provides the distraction that forces the alien to let him go.  As they rush to help him, the portal that had opened to Providence Falls, Texas closes, only to reveal a closet when Mack tries to open it again.  It’s at this point that Mack grabs a staff and goes to town on the Minotaur, but he’s able to teleport back to his ship in the middle of the chaos; he loses his device in the process as it’s kicked out of his hand at the last second.  After retrieving the device, Mack has a great plan that he and several armed guards will use the device to teleport to the Minotaur’s ship and take him out.  So they all gather around Mack and place a hand on his shoulder so the field will envelope them all.  However, only Mack ends up on the Minotaur’s ship.  Now his crew has to decide whether or not to leave the nebula before they are killed or risk it all to save Mack.  Back in Providence Fields, Mack’s friends are barely holding their own against the zombies and find themselves cornered by the man behind the attack: Roger Highsmith, who is also looking for Mack Baron.

This has just been one fun series to read so far, and with everything Mack has been going through it was good to see him finally cut loose a little.  Keith even gives a bit of a reveal at the end when one of the guys in the “mystery building” is shown to bear a striking resemblance to our hero, and with a little expo we are pulled farther into the rabbit hole, or time vortex, if you will.  It’s this little bit that helps push the story, even though a lot of what’s been going on is still a mystery to the reader and the hero, as we only know a little bit more than Mack does at this point.

Julio’s artwork holds up here, though I noticed that Mack receives a nasty gash on his cheek early on but for the rest of the book it’s not there anymore.  A very minor issue, but it stood out  while I read the story.  Keith did show me some early pages from the next issue, and it seems like Julio has changed his style for Omega Chase #5.  From what I was able to see the changes look very good.  So I can’t wait to see them finished with inks and colors when the issue comes out.

The mix of sci-fi action and the old west are pretty good here, and though we’ve  been away from Providence Falls, Texas for the past two issues, I’m hoping for a return in the next one.  I came for the zombies but stayed for the story, and even though the wait between issues isn’t a short one it’s been worth the wait!

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  1. […] everyone seems to actually know what’s going on, and maybe how it all started for Mack.  Next issue […]

  2. Andy if you read this remember your promise in the Omega Chase #2 review comment section lol.

  3. Billy

    Sounds like another winner from Th3rd World. Hopefully I’ll get The Stuff of Legend in the next milleneum…

  4. Omega Chase is a good read Billy and I think the new SOL book starts soon and the first part is in trade now

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