April 20, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 4/14/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews. Here you can find out what we here at thought of this past week’s books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics!

*NOTE: We have a light Chirpin’ count this week due to people having computer problems, being at C2E2 and other circumstances. Please expect a full set back next week.

The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot #3 (Marvel)
Aron: What a great mini! I want an encore! I would totally read an ongoing and I’m a picky reader!

Batgirl #9 (DC)
Aron: Picked this up on a whim. Expected it to blow my face off. Now I remember why I stopped after #2. Plain Jane.

Batman #698 (DC)
Aron: BEST. BATMAN. TITLE. It saddens me that Morrison will take it back over after just one more issue.

Black Widow #1 (Marvel)
Aron: This great issue started off with a morbid WTF!? I hope you picked it up. You don’t wanna miss the excitement!

Brightest Day #0  (DC)

Aron: I make mine Marvel, so I’m just not blown away by all these returning characters. Sorry.

Daredevil #506 (Marvel)
Aron: Amazing! Worth the two month wait! Also, it unseated Jackpot #3 as my top read of the week!

Fables #94 (Vertigo)
Aron: New storyline so I gave it a try. I feel lost though. Can someone help find me? I’d like to give this book a chance.

The Flash #1 (DC)
Aron: Damn, this book was fun! It ended weird, but I didn’t care! THAT’S how fun it was!

Green Arrow #32 (DC)

Aron: The story was rushed to an ending. The art sucked. Badly. This issue made my stomach turn.

Iron Man Noir #1 (Marvel)
Aron: A snazzy reimagining. Nazis! Treasure! Dames! Adventure!

New Mutants #12 (Marvel)
Decapitated Dan: Man Hodge gives me the creeps, always has always will. Okay read in my book.
Jeff: Love the art! Great to see the bad guys fight back. Hodge’s body change was super creepy!

Powers #4 (Icon)
Aron: Pretty good issue, I think. But I can’t recall a Powers issue that was horrible, either.

Punishermax #6 (Marvel)
Aron: I love a good Bullseye story. This smells like one! I gotta get the TPB for the first 5 issues! Like, totally!

The Unwritten #12 (Vertigo)
Aron: Holy cow! Did I just read that!? Wow! This issue was nucking futs! Loved it!

X-Factor Forever #2 (Marvel)
Decapitated Dan: Iceman Killeth!I miss this team and book. I thank Marvel for delivering this one. Scary huh?



  1. Aron

    Wow! Feels like I’m the only one that came to the party. I’m starting to feel like a geek…haha!

  2. Dan thanking Marvel? what’s the world comin’ to?!

  3. Kristin

    Eh, I haven’t even picked up any books in 2-3 weeks. But that was just Mass Effect #4. Nothing’s come in for me since, except for a light novel tomorrow.

  4. Billy

    Sorry for not participating guys and gals. I’ve been so busy lately. 🙁

  5. DecapitatedDan

    No worries Bill. It was a busy/bad week for some of us.

    @Speech I reviewed that before going to the X-Men panel on Sunday and now I dislike them again so balance has been restored to the universe.

  6. we were soooo close! lol So I take it there’s bad news on the horizon?

  7. DecapitatedDan

    Nothing you haven’t already seen. Mutants vs. Vampires, no Iceman in sight. Which probably means he will be the on dying, which means no more X-Men for me, but overall it just seemed like a joke.

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