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April 15, 2010

DC Reviews: The Flash #1

The Flash #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Francis Manapul
Cover: Francis Manapul

Minor Spoilers!

After 25 years, Barry Allen is back headlining The Flash! Since returning to the living, Barry Allen has been steadily rebuilding his life, picking up right where he left off with his job as a top crime scene investigator for the Central City Police. Barry learns a lot has changed in his absence, but sees how much they also stayed the same when a member of Flash’s rogue’s gallery is found dead. Of course Barry Allen is called in to examine the scene, but it’s the Flash who runs into the last group of rogues you would ever expect to see.

First issues have a tendency of getting rough starts, and this is no exception, but Geoff Johns does his always stellar job at keeping good pace while telling an interesting story. We’re dropped right into Central City action with Barry doing what he does best: saving lives at super speed. The middle of the issue slows down a bit, and this is where first issue-itis shows, as new readers are brought up to speed on Barry and his familiar, but new life and surroundings. But of course, it’s not long until we’re back on the streets and facing a weird cliff-hanger ending.

Francis Manapul’s art is beautiful and bombastic with some great splashes and spreads, and maybe I’m being ridiculous, but in some panels I found Barry’s face to be just weird and awkward. All the other characters looked great, and Barry looked amazing in costume with the mask, but just Barry’s unmasked face bothered me a little. But again, maybe I’m just being ridiculous. Even though the pencils in this book are great, it was really Brian Buccellato’s coloring that stole the show. Everything from the speed force generating around Barry, to the sun rising over the city, to the sky darkening from an impending storm, it all set the mood and feel of the whole book.

At the end we’re treated to a quick preview of where the Flash’s adventures are to take us with Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert teaming up. All-in-all a good first issue for the Fastest Man Alive, and hopefully issue #2 will really start to build the momentum.

Andrew Hurst



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  2. Billy

    The colors do look very good on this cover.

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