April 8, 2010

Dark Horse Previews: Doctor Solar/Magnus

May 1, 2010 is not just any ordinary Free Comic Book Day.  May 1, 2010 is a day that many comic book fans have been praying for, for a very, very long time.  This year’s Free Comic Book Day sees the triumphant, nay, VALIANT return of Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom and Magnus, Robot Fighter!

At the helm of these two legendary comic book characters is Jim Shooter.  Shooter played a big part in these former Gold Key characters during the days of the Valiant universe.

Dark Horse Comics begins all of the excitement in this flip-book format issue on Free Comic Book Day!

The first part is Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom.  Written by Jim Shooter with art by Dennis Calero.

The second part of this flip-book is Magnus, Robot Fighter.  Written by Jim Shooter with art by Bill Reinhold.

This colossal nerdgasm is merely the beginning.  In July, Dark Horse Comics unleashes Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1!  It is also written by Jim Shooter with art by Dennis Calero.  Get a load of this cover art by Michael Komarck:

The excitement doesn’t stop there, either!  Along with the return of Doctor Solar and Magnus, it has been confirmed that Turok, Son of Stone will also be returning!

The Valiant universe is coming back, thanks to Dark Horse Comics and Jim Shooter!  Let the drooling, pondering, and wondering begin!  Will we also see the return of:

Archer & Armstrong?





or X-O Manowar?

Jim Shooter is giving Doctor Solar a clean slate.  Who knows what he’ll create this time!?

Aron White



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Aron White. Aron White said: DOCTOR SOLAR IS BACK!!! @DarkHorseComics leads the Valiant return! @EnemyOfPeanuts #comics #FCBD […]

  2. Drew


  3. When I heard the Turok news that pretty much sealed the deal for me. They’ll probably see how well these characters do before launching more Valiant guys.

    I never really got into Magnus and I’ll admit it was because the guy wears a full body skirt with a belt!

  4. Can Dark Horse do anything with the actual Valiant owned characters? I know Valiant lost the rights for Solar, Magnus and Turok some time back. This might only be a mini-Valiant return.

    Still, I’ll pick it up on Free Comic Book Day!

  5. Drew

    Bill has a good point. Solar, Magnus and Turok are all old Gold Key comics characters, which Dark horse reprints wonderful archive editions of. It might just be a relaunch of those, but hopefully it will spark interest and unleash some Valiant characters

  6. Billy

    I’ve always been interested by Magnus Robot Fighter. Looks cool!

  7. Aron White

    Speech- What’s wrong with wearing a full body skirt and a belt?

    Come on guys! Doctor Solar can do what he wants to, dammit! If he wants to create X-O Manowar, I ain’t gonna get in his way. Hahaha!

    Hopefully these three will catch on and create enough interest and cash to go chase the valiant properties. One can only hope!

  8. Apparently nothing Aron since Billy seems to like him lol

  9. Billy

    @Speech- I can see that jealous tone in your statement about Magnus. lol

  10. Aron White

    Well, at least nothing flops out.

  11. I love looking at the old Valiant work! On FCBD, I’ll give anything a whirl!

  12. JustMe

    The guys who own the rights to the original Valiant characters are nothing but a bunch of Mickey Mouse clowns ! We will never see any successful relaunch of those great characters as long as those douche bags own the rights ….. with that said , LONG LIVE JIM SHOOTER AND DARK HORSE !!!

    This Dark Horse preview of whats to come was great. I really enjoyed both stories.
    Thanks DH and Jim Shooter

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