April 2, 2010

Zenescope Reviews: The Waking #2

The Waking #2
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Writer: Raven Gregory
Art: Vic Drujiniu
Cover: J. Scott Campbell
Variant Covers: Eric J (B) and Talent Caldwell (Exclusive)
Price: US $ 3.99
Release Date: March 31, 2010

CAUTION!  Minor spoilers ahead!

One of the victims from last issue…wakes.  Wait!  The victim wakes?!  How?!  Why?!

The duo of detectives investigating the murder of the freshly wakened victim are following a big hunch as to who committed the murder and why, instead of going out for beers.  Damn the luck.  They arrive at the suspect’s house with the strict intentions of only observing.  They see something out of the ordinary.  This is no longer a stakeout.  Guns are drawn.  Doors are kicked.

This issue doesn’t ignore the nagging sense of gloom that was created in the first issue.  It builds on it.  It jerks it out from under you and replaces it with a feeling more horrifying.  This rainy whodunit continues!  We finally get to see some of the whodidit!  We finally get to see some of the ZOMBIE action we’ve all been hearing about, and, yes…there is LOTS of blood….

Go get this issue!  If you didn’t pick up the first issue, grab that one too!  Yeah, at $3.99 it is one of the more pricey comics on the shelf, but it is also one of the better told stories on the shelf.  Raven Gregory treats your head and Vic Drujiniu treats your eyes.  The Waking is mentally and visually stunning.  The cliffhanger these guys give you at the end makes the month-long wait for the next issue seem like torture.  Torture, in a good way.  The kind of torture you only have to pay $3.99 for.

A side note for the more conservative readers: This issue contains nudity.

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Aron White



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  2. Billy

    Nice review Aron! This seems like a good zombie book and zenescope is famoous for their “ladies”. lol

  3. The story was fine but I thought it moved a little slow. I do like how some of the character’s stories are intertwined with each other too. I’m wondering when did the victim get time to put on her thong while getting dragged and beaten through the house? Not that I really wanted to see full frontal I’m just saying it didn’t make any sense.

  4. Aron White

    Thanks, Billy! It is a good zombie book with laaadies!

    Speech, I didn’t notice that part. I guess I need to take another…closer…look. haha!

  5. …naked zombies!?

  6. lol @ Andy you perv! No there was an editing mistake when the girl got out of the tub and immediately put on a towel. Then all of a sudden she’s got a thong on during her altercation with one of the undead

  7. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by aron_w: Are you awake? THEY are! The Waking #2 by @Ravengregory from @Zenescope reviewed! #comics #zombies…

  8. I went back and noticed it this time, Speech. Not only does it magically appear, but then it DISAPPEARS again, also! It’s a wardrobe malfunction! I blame Justin and Janet!

    That “art mistake” isn’t near as bad as Bryan Hitch’s “art mistake” in an issue of Fantastic Four where he has a whole mess of bullets heading towards the FF’s direction with the casings STILL on the bullets!

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