March 30, 2010

Ramblings and Reviews: Siege, plus Captain America #1!

Hey everybody, I know I’ve been gone for a while as far as Reviews go, but I’m back and have twelve books from March 17th, and then seven from the following week. Needless to say, it is a daunting task to get these all done with more headed my way this week. I’ll try to get them done as quick as possible.

***Spoilers Ahead***

First up is…Siege #3 of 4.
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Olivier Coipel

Alright, so if you have been keeping up this issue was nothing short of spectacular. The president has ordered the military to go with a full on strike against Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. We have already witnessed Sentry tear Ares in half, but in this issue we saw him and Thor go toe to toe. At one point, Thor hits Sentry/Void full force right in the face with Mjolnir and it knocks him back about ten feet…that’s it. We also see one of the Young Avengers take a bed-ridden Tony Stark his armor, so then he joins the battle and starts to shut down Osborn’s armor. As Norman is going offline, he orders Sentry to take down Asgard – and he does. He literally smashes it to pieces, and what’s left falls to Earth. You couldn’t ask for more action than this!  4.5/5

Next up is…Dark Avengers #15 (Siege).
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato

**Note: This issue takes place during the events of Siege Cabal.**

In this awesome issue, we finally get to see what went on during the whole Doom vs. Osborn fight. Remember back when Norman and Doom were having a disagreement, and Osborn brought in his muscle? Well, it was The Void, and after he smashes the Doombot, Norman makes him go away and bring back The Sentry so as to not spoil his surprise. We next see Bullseye take Lindy for a little helicopter ride, that ends with him breaking her neck and tossing her corpse into the ocean. The issue ends with Norman’s first in command, Victoria Hand, figuring out what Norman and Bullseye have done to Sentry. Great issue right here.   4/5

Thirdly I have…Siege Embedded #3 of 4.
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Chris Samnee (cover by Adi Granov)

This series has been really cool as far as I’m concerned. Reed has really done a great job with this, and I’m liking it almost as much as the main title. In this issue, we see Ben Urich and his old buddy Will Stern on the run from Osborn’s goons. They stow away on an airplane, but it takes off with Norman’s biased TV crew aboard. All seems to be OK until the plane runs into Venom. He starts to go into a feeding frenzy and devours the crew. He then sets his sights on Ben and Will, but the plane crashes and saves their necks. Everything seems like it’s going to be alright, but Todd Keller (Norman’s TV guy) has a gun, and he tells Ben that he either helps him spread Norman’s gospel, or die. The issue ends with the crash survivors standing in awe of Sentry smashing Asgard and it plummeting to the ground. Great writing and artwork too!  4/5

Finally a quick word about…Captain America #1 (MGC).
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve Epting

I know this comic came out a few years ago, but I just bought this issue for kicks. I own the trade of this first arc, and it is really cool. Brubaker is doing a fantastic job on this title, and anyone not reading it should definitely give it a shot! This issue basically showed the return of the Red Skull and another main villain, Alexander Lukin. The Skull wants to buy some illegal arms from Lukin and does, but Lukin is more interested in talking about the Cosmic Cube he thinks the Skull has. Eventually, we see the Skull in New York with the Cube, but then he gets shot in the back by a shadowy figure working for Lukin. We obviously now know that figure to be The Winter Soldier (Bucky). Great first issue, so as stated earlier, pick this series up!  3.5/5

That’s all for this round, but I’ll be back very soon with more exciting reviews from my pull list!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Siege is ending up to be a decent little series here and I’m liking the fact it’s only 4 main issues!

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  3. Aron White

    Nice reviews, Billy! I was going to get Dark Avengers #15 because Bullseye is my main man, but decided it best not to spend the money and passed. Thanks for reviewing it bluntly! I would have never known who the shadowy figure was that kicked the Doombot’s ass in the Cabal, if you didn’t. Interesting Twist!!

    While we’ve got New Avengers sitting out here, do you agree with Bendis stopping New Avengers, just to bring it back with New Avengers #1, in a month or two? We all know when it comes time for New Avengers #600, they will revert back to original numbering so they can call it #600 and charge double the money for it! Why bother? Ha!

  4. Billy

    @Speech- Agreed. I originally thought I would have liked 6 issues better (like War of Kings), but this is moving along nicely.
    @Aron- Thanks dude! I really haven’t been disappointed with Dark Avengers during the entire run. As far as renumbering goes…it ticks me off.

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