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March 19, 2010

Unsung Characters of Comicdom: Saguarrior


Saguarrior #0 (pronounced Sah-warrior) was published by LoS Comics in 1997. The comic’s namesake is an amalgam of the words Saguaro (a giant cactus indigenous to South-Western North America) and warrior (one who is engaged in battle). Saguarrior is essentially a super powered cactus-man who fights on behalf of the creatures of the desert, so it’s a very fitting title. The entire story focuses on the main character’s origin, and it doesn’t mention any supporting characters or villains (hence, the lack of protagonists and antagonists in my synopsis).

Name: Dr. Author Wolfe
Codename: Saguarrior
Powers: Super strength and the ability to communicate with animals.
Weapons: The needles that cover Saguarrior’s body, also serve as deadly projectiles.

Origin: Dr. Author Wolfe was a veterinarian who held a greater empathy for animals than he did for people. One day, on the way home from a hard day at the office, his car was attacked by a possessed owl. As a result, His vehicle crashed on a lone road in the midst of the Arizona desert. In a rush to get home, he looked for a sharp object to pop his deployed airbag. Although he had a variety of surgical needles in his first-aid kit, the doctor decided to pluck one from a nearby cactus. Coincidentally, this particular plant had been ritualistically blessed by Native-American shamans during  the late 1800s. Almost a century later, it was the only surviving entity of an atom bomb test that was conducted in the area. Upon touching one of its needles, the cactus began to glow, transforming Dr. Wolfe into the human/cactus hybrid known as Saguarrior. He was then crucified by the cactus’s cross-like body, and their spirits merged. Upon awakening from this prickly crucifix induced trance, Dr. Wolfe noticed that he had ran over an armadillo during the crash. The animal appeared to be unharmed, but his tail was trapped under one of the car’s wheels. He used his new powers to lift the vehicle, allowing the little guy to scurry to freedom. Shortly after, the armadillo was confronted by an irritated rattle snake. Saguarrior threw a rock in an attempt to ward off the attack. The rock didn’t hit the snake, but an assload of poisonous needles flew from his arm and killed the serpent instantly. The owl then informed him, “You must learn to control your powers, they are of great importance to us.” Saguarrior asked the owl what he meant, but the bird just flew away in silence. Confused and furious, Saguarrior began to run intently through the dessert until he came upon a dilapidated adobe structure. He claimed it as his new home, and that’s where he has remained since 1997.

Saguarrior #0, Pages 8 & 9: The transformation

I’ve had this book in my collection for quite a while, and I’ve always considered Saguarrior #0 to be a pretty obscure comic. Not many people have heard of it, much less read it. During the course of my research for this article, I was pleasantly surprised to find an active and updated LoS Comics website. Fortunately for you, LoS Comics has posted this entire issue online, and I strongly suggest taking a few minutes to drop by and check it out (read the full issue here). It’s one of those things that has to be seen to be believed.

Josh Jones



  1. Wendy

    Wanna read more about this:-D

  2. Gotta watch out for those crazy owls!! lol

    Where did you happen upon this comic Josh?

  3. So it’s kind of like Swamp Thing but in the desert? Sounds interesting enough to check out.

  4. @Andy- I remember going into a comic shop in the mid-west. It was located next door to a sweat lodge that sold peyote. Days later, I found this comic in my napsack. All other details are a blur.

  5. Billy

    This definitely sounds like something that must only be read under the influence. lol

  6. Wayne

    Dude, haven’t seen this guy in years. The creators we’re at Comic-Con in San Diego years ago. Been waiting for more issues.

  7. Psychonautics

    I came across this today in my local comic store’s 4 for $1 bin.. Just the cover was enough to get me to buy it. Fingered through it– it’s a comic on acid. Very unique, glad I came across it. I’m actually wondering if there’s more to the series. I can’t find anything on Ebay, but oh well. This is one of those comics that’s enough to have 1 of, just because of it’s obscurity. (:

  8. http://loscomicsonline.tumblr.com We’re back!….

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